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  Word List Word List Entries Speaker(s) Audio Filename WAV MP3 Scanned Word List (JPG) Scanned Word List (TIF) Recording Details
1 shs_word-list_1980_01.html  1 - 13  Cecelia Harry shs_word-list_1980_01 WAV MP3 JPG  TIF  Details
2   14 - 29  Cecelia Harry shs_word-list_1980_02 WAV MP3 JPG  TIF  Details
3   30 - 44  Cecelia Harry shs_word-list_1980_03 WAV MP3 JPG  TIF  Details
4   45 - 55  Cecelia Harry shs_word-list_1980_04 WAV MP3 JPG  TIF  Details
5   56 - 66  Cecelia Harry shs_word-list_1980_05 WAV MP3 JPG  TIF  Details
6   67 - 72  Cecelia Harry shs_word-list_1980_06 WAV MP3 JPG  TIF  Details