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Audio recordings for this language are available in WAV and MP3 formats. To hear the files online, left-click on the WAV or MP3 links. To download a file onto your own computer, right-click (Macintosh Control + Click) a link and select 'Save File As...' (The WAV files are larger than the MP3, but of considerably higher quality.)

Transcripts of the recordings are available both as Unicode text word lists and as scanned image files of original fieldwork word lists. The scanned images often contain additional information not easily presented in the Unicode lists. They are available both in compressed JPG and uncompressed TIF format.

For more information about any given recording, click on the details link.

We suggest, as a departure point for your research, that you first look at the available Word Lists. If you find a specific word that you are interested in, you can locate the audio file in which this word appears by matching the word's entry number in the list with the Word List Entries data for each recording.

All of the tables on these pages are fully searchable within your web-browser. You can search either for English expressions or for IPA characters by entering them, in Unicode, into your web browser's Find search box (Edit > Find). At the top of every word list is a tool, developed by the Linguist List, that allows you to easily enter Unicode IPA characters into documents. You can use this tool to obtain a specific IPA character that you are looking for, and then copy (Ctrl +C ) and paste (Ctrl + V) the character into the Find box.

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