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  Word List Word List Entries Additional Info Audio Filename WAV MP3 Scanned Word List (JPG) JPG 2Scanned Word List (TIF) TIF 2Recording Details
1 mal_word-list_1973_01.html  1 - 31  Speaker origin unknown;
dialect unspecified
mal_word-list_1973_01 WAV MP3 JPG  JPG 2  TIF  TIF 2  Details
2 mal_sounds_1979_01.html  1 - 49  Speaker from Kerala, Southern India;
dialect unspecified
mal_sounds_1979_01 WAV MP3 JPG  JPG 2  TIF  TIF 2  Details
3     Speaker origins unknown;
dialect unspecified
mal_song_1979_01 WAV MP3         Details