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Updated 21 April, 2009

Welcome to the UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive. For over half a century, the UCLA Phonetics Laboratory has collected recordings of hundreds of languages from around the world, providing source materials for phonetic and phonological research, of value to scholars, speakers of the languages, and language learners alike. The materials on this site comprise audio recordings illustrating phonetic structures from over 200 languages with phonetic transcriptions, plus scans of original field notes where relevant.

The archive in its current form is a self-standing website. Eventually all the data here will be incorporated into the comprehensive UCLA Digital Library where it will be maintained as a permanent resource for future generations.


Principal Investigator
Peter Ladefoged (1925–2006)
Barbara Blankenship
Succeeding Principal Investigator
Russell G. Schuh
Site Designer
Patrick Jones
Production and Research Manager
Nicole Gfroerer
Research Assistants
Emily Griffiths
Lisa Harrington
Cheryl Hipp
Patrick Jones
Mayu Kaneko
Claire Moore-Cantwell
Gunhye Oh
Karen Pfister
Keli Vaughan
Rosary Videc
Sarah Weismuller
Samara Weiss
Jamie White Sarah Conlon
WingSze Jamie Lee
Rafael Toribio


This site is made possible through funds provided by the National Science Foundation.

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