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Entry IPA Transcription  English
1  isiɬaɬa  tree 
2  iziɬaɬa  trees 
3  ilaatʰi  forest 
4  iɮelo  pasture ground 
5  nɮula  to pass someone 
6  ɬupʰa  to bother someone 
7  iǃaǃa laziǃikaǃika oǃaǃeni laza laǃʰawuka uǃʰoǃʰo  The polecat strangled itself while trying to loosen itself from the rope they tied round its neck. 
8  ǀetʃuajo  King Cetewayo 
9  iǁoǁo  frog 
10  ǁoǁa  to tell a story