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Entry Sound Illustrated Transcription English 
1    jõn  medicine 
2    jɷ̃ŋ  melted 
3    lɷ̰k°  green 
4    loi  come 
5    dʒæə̃ŋ  grow 
6    tʃɑ̃ŋ  orange 
7    hɔ  good 
8    hɑi  shoe 
9    wɑ  beautiful 
10    wɔ̰ʔk°  wok 
11    kʰi ˈlɑʔk° ˈge boɷ  Clark Gable 
12  high tone ɑŋ  light 
13  mid tone ɑŋ  stare 
14  rising tone ɑŋ  wait 
15  low tone ɑŋ  chair 
16  rising tone bɑŋ  cliff 
17  falling tone pʰɑŋ  order 
18  low rising tone pʰɑŋ  stick 
19  high tone boŋ  help 
20  rising tone boŋ  tie up 
21  low tone boŋ  pound 
22    do sæəŋ hi loi tʃɔʔt ŋɑ θɑi lɛm  Early in the morning, one wakes up, brushes his teeth, and washes his face. 
23    ŋoi dʒuŋ ŋi hɛʔk° uʔu lo fɑn  I like to eat small potatoes with rice.