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Entry Tone Transcription English 
1  level ɓɤ  butter 
2  level vɤ  to sweep off 
3  level fɤ  old person with white hair 
4  level ɗɤ  stiff 
5  level t̪ɤ  silk 
6  level t̪ʰɤ  letter 
7  level ʈɤ  still 
8  low falling rɤ  to touch 
9  level lɤ  to dissemble 
10  level sɤ  fibre 
11  level ʂɤ  a little bit 
12  level jɤ  to raise 
13  low falling cɤ  to wait 
14  level kɔ  to shrink 
15  level xɔ  warehouse 
16  level ɣɔ  weft 
17  level hɔ  to cough 
18  level mɤ  to dream 
19  level nɤ  bow 
20  high rising ɲɤ  to remember 
21  level ŋɤ  to ignore 
22  high rising æp  to apply pressure down 
23  high rising æt̪  to drown out 
24  high rising ɐc  yoke 
25  high rising æk  cruel 
26  level æm  bhuddist temple 
27  level æŋ  peaceful 
28  level ɐɲ  elder brother 
29  level æŋ  bowl 
30  level kuŋ͡m  palace 
31  level awŋm  grandfather 
32  level awŋm  bee 
33  high rising huk͡p  to strike 
34  high rising awk͡p  snail 
35  high rising awk͡p  brain 
36  level t̪owɑ  perscription 
37  high rising, level ɗowɑ wɑ  flower 
38  high rising, high rising cowɑ mɐt̪  glaring 
39  high rising xwɑ  to lock 
40  level ɣɑ  station 
41  high rising, level tɯək gɑ  in front of the station 
42  level ɣa  station 
43  high rising, level suəŋ gɑ  to get off at the station 
44  high rising t̪i  tiny bit 
45  high rising t̪e  asleep 
46  high rising t̪ɛ  to splash 
47  level t̪u  to drink 
48  level t̪o  large bowl 
49  level t̪ɔ  large 
50  level t̪ɯ  fourth 
51  level t̪ɤ  silk 
52  level t̪ɑ  we 
53  level t̪ʌm  center 
54  high rising t̪ɐk  to split 
55  level t̪iə̯ŋ  fairy 
56  level t̪uə̯ŋ  to flow 
57  level t̪ɯə̯ŋ  in rags 
58  high rising æk  cruel 
59  high rising ɐc  yoke 
60  high rising æŋ  work 
61  level ɐɲ  elder brother 
62  level mɑ  ghost 
63  high rising mɑ  cheeck 
64  low falling mɑ  butter 
65  low rising mɑ  tomb 
66  high falling-rising mɑ  horse 
67  low rising-glottalization mɑ  rice seedling 
68  level hɑi  two 
69  high rising hɑi  to pick 
70  low falling hɑi  shoe 
71  low rising hɑi  marinus 
72  high falling-rising hɑi  afraid 
73  low rising-glottalization hɑi  harm