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Entry Titan English 
1  mbrulei  rat 
2  ndrol  canoe 
3  ˈmbrutuˈkei  wooden plate 
4  mbrulos  a kind of shell 
5  ndrɑwayi  coconut scraper 
6  ndruli  sandpiper 
7  yombrule  my forehead 
8  mbrue  betel nut 
9    a kind of nut 
10  ndrakeʔin  girls 
11  ndraman  red 
12  ndra  a coral cod 
  Note: (as taken from P. Ladefoged's handwritten notes)   
  mbr = bilabial trill, fairly tense lips, sometimes prenasalized   
  ndr = apical alveolar trill   
  These two are the only clusters, act as unit phonemes.