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Entry Tok Pisin English
1  A mi laik stori liklik long, long wanem, yia tru mi bin olsem mi kam wok long wok bilong tanim tok.  I'm going to tell you a story about the year I came to work doing translation. 
2  Mi bin stat work long 1969 long mun Mai.  I started working in 1969 in the month of May. 
3  Mi bin istap long ples na wanpela bikpela brata bilong mi bin ikam na itok mi ikam long kisim wanpela man b'long igo olsem halipim mi na igo wok long tanim tok.  I was in the place where I live when my big brother came and said "I want someone to go with me and help do translation work." 
4  Olsem nau na mi tok orait bai mi igo na.  So I said all right, I will go. 
5  Mipela ibin kisim balus long ples balus long Wau na balus kisim mipela ikam hia long Ukarumpa long ples b'long tanim tok tok.  We got the plane at the airport in Wau, and the plan brought us here to Ukarumpa, the translation place. 
6  Olsem na mipela istap mipela ibin tanim ol kain kain stori o tok tok olsem ol tumbuna stori na sampela kain tok tok long pasin b'long Papua Nugini.  We stayed here and we have been translating all sorts of stories about the customs and the long ago legends of Papua New Guinea. 
7  Isave wok olsem wanem na long wokim kain samting olsem na tu long olsem wei b'long tanim tok b'long God igo long tokples.  The reason for doing all this kind of work and continuing is so that we can translate the Word of God into the vernacular.