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Entry Sound Illustrated Thai Orthography IPA English 
1  labial aspirated stop ผ่า  phɑɑ̀  split 
2  alveolar aspirated stop ืืทํา  tham  do, make 
3  post-alveolar aspirated stop ฉะ  tʃhɑ̀  fight 
4  velar aspirated stop ข้าว  khɑ̂ɑw  rice 
5  labial unaspirated stop ป่า  pɑɑ̀  forest 
6  alveolar unaspirated stop ตํา  tɑm  pound 
7  post-alveolar unaspirated stop จะ  tʃɑ̀  will 
8  velar unaspirated stop ก้าว  kɑ̂ɑw  step 
9  labial voiced stop บ่า  bɑɑ̀  shoulder 
10  alveolar voiced stop ดํา  dɑm  black 
11  labial aspirated stop ผ้า  phɑɑ̂  cloth 
12  alveolar aspirated stop ที  thii  tune 
13  post-alveolar aspirated stop ชวน  tʃhuan  persuade 
14  velar aspirated stop ขัด  khɑ̀t  interrupt 
15  labial unaspirated stop ฟ้า  pɑɑ̂  aunt 
16  alveolar unaspirated stop ตี  tii  beat 
17  post-alveolar unaspirated stop จวน  tʃuan  almost 
18  velar unaspirated stop กัด  kɑ̀t  kite 
19  labial voiced stop บ้า  bɑɑ̂  mad 
20  alveolar voiced stop ดี  dii  good 
21  common (higher falling) มา  mɑɑ  come 
22  first (lower falling) ม้า  mɑɑ́  horse 
23  second (high falling) หมา  mɑɑ̌  dog 
24  third (high rising) นา  nɑɑ  field 
25  fourth (low rising) หน่า  nɑɑ̀  a nickname 
26  second (high falling) หน้า  nɑɑ̂  face 
27  third (high rising) น้า  nɑɑ́  aunt 
28  fourth (low rising) หนา  nɑɑ̌  thick 
29  common (higher falling) พา  phɑɑ  bring 
30  first (lower falling) ผ่า  phɑɑ̀  split 
31  second (high falling) ผ้า  phɑɑ̂  cloth 
32  fourth (low rising) ผา  phɑɑ̌  mountain 
33  common (higher falling) ปา  pɑɑ  throw 
34  first (lower falling) ป่า  pɑɑ̀  forest 
35  second (high falling) ป้า  pɑɑ̂  aunt 
36  fourth (low rising) ป๋า  pɑɑ̌  father 
37  common (higher falling) บา  bɑɑ  bar 
38  first (lower falling) บ่า  bɑɑ̀  shoulder 
39  second (high falling) บ้า  bɑɑ̂  mad 
40  common (higher falling) ไค  khɑj  plankton 
41  first (lower falling) ไข่  khɑ̀j  egg 
42  second (high falling) ไข้  khɑ̂j  fever 
43  third (high rising) ไค้  khɑ́j  pick something small out 
44  fourth (low rising) ไข  khɑ̌j  oil 
45  common (higher falling) ไก  kɑj  trigger 
46  first (lower falling) ไก่  kɑ̀j  chicken 
47  fourth (low rising) ไก๋  kɑ̌j  pretend 
48  common (higher falling) คา  khɑɑ  leaves 
49  first (lower falling) ข่า  khɑɑ̀  ginger 
50  second (high falling) ข้า  khɑɑ̂  me 
51  third (high rising) ค้า  khɑɑ́  trade 
52  fourth (low rising) ขา  khɑɑ̌  leg 
53  common (higher falling) กา  kɑɑ  kettle 
54  first (lower falling) กิงก่า  kìn-kɑɑ̀  cameleont 
55  fourth (low rising) ก๋า  kɑɑ̌  bold 
56    ม้า  mɑ́ɑ  horse 
57    ม้าน  mɑ́ɑn  to be shunned 
58    มะ  mɑ́  -' 
59    ค้า  khɑ́ɑ  to trade 
60    ค้าน  khɑ́ɑn  to argue 
61    คะ  khɑ́  polite particle  
62    ค่า  khɑ̂ɑ  value 
63    ข้าง  khɑ̂ɑŋ  side 
64    ค่ะ  khɑ̂  polite particle