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Entry Todɑ English 
1  modz  buttermilk 
2  odz  to have fear 
3  kæːdz  kind of tree 
4  nɨdz  heart 
5  nodz  poison 
6  podz  cotton blossom 
7  kwɨdz  to ridicule 
8  kidʒ  bells tied to ankles while dancing 
9  puːdʒ  fifteen 
10  modʒuːr  a village name 
11  t̪ɑʈkidz  bamboo brush 
12  podʒ  to go for worship 
13  kiːts  to comb 
14  kots  cloth given at funeral 
15  uːts  to throw away water 
16  ɨts  to reach 
17  miːts  to cause to graze 
18  puːts  to put garment on somebody else 
19  kots  to bite 
20  motsod̪  name of a buffalo 
21  mots  dusk 
22  wɨːtʃ  large jungle lizard 
23  puːtʃ  faded color 
24  pɨtʃof  name of a buffalo 
25  motʃ  cot 
26  kɑr̪  to steal 
27  kɑr̪j  border 
28  pɑr̪  vessel 
29  pɑr̪j  to ride a horse at a gallop 
30  kɑr  to milk 
31  kɑrj  to laugh 
32  mɑr  to forget 
33  mɑrj  young of animals 
34  mur  to become angry 
35  murj  complaint 
36  ner  to become full 
37  nerj  sari worm by a goddess 
38  oɽ  to cook 
39  oɽj  foot 
40  pɨɽ  to release 
41  pɨɽj  to open up (as a boil) 
42  poɽ  to lie down 
43  poɽj  rice given at funeral 
44  toɽ  thigh 
45  toɽj  pole used at funeral