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Entry Todɑ English 
1  wid oːl, pusym, oːdm, wid xud fulm bits fiːn.  A man went taking with him a tiger, a goat, and a bundle of grass. 
2  pɑːw xidk fiːsn.  He went to a river. 
3  ɑ pɑːw xadot oːsn.  He had to cross that river. 
4  ɑ pɑːwɑr, mudn, winar xartyp irtk oːxotsin.  It was not possible to take the three across that river at the same time. 
5  ay oːl, pul vɨt, pɑːw kadonwinor, pusy, oːdn batyt eːfisn.  If that man crossed the river carrying the grass, the tiger would seize the goat. 
6  pusyn bɑty xadonwinor, oːd, puln didt eːfsin.  If he crossed taking the tiger, the goat would eat the grass. 
7  (io mu:dn) ay oːl, e ɡis, pɑːw kɑrtyu.  How will that man take these three across the river? 
8  (maxar) ay oːl, oːdn baty fod, itotk kartyc, pin fiː, pul fit fod, itotk foc, marc, oːdn, aːtotk fit fiːxartyc, pusyn baty fod, itotk kartyc, pin fic, oːdn batyc fods, muːdn, widn widn dinoxos, paɬw xartyc fits fiːtiyi  It is necessary that that man first take the goat and come and bring it across to this bank, then go and come carrying the grass and place it on this bank, then go carrying the goat and take it across again to that bank, then come with the tiger and bring it across to this bank, then go and return with the goat, (and thus) not letting the three eat one another, bring them across the river and go off with them. 
    (Note: The transcriptions for these sentences should not be taken as very accurate. Symbols do not necessarily represent their IPA values, and the distinction between dentals and alveolars is not marked.)