Filename (WAV)pcm_story_1966_01.wav 
Filename (MP3)pcm_story_1966_01.mp3 
LanguagePidgin, Nigerian 
Dialectdialect not specified 
SIL Codepcm 
Recording ContentsStory 
Recording LocationUniversity of Edinburgh 
Recording Date24 March, 1966 
FieldworkersFieldworker not specified 
Speaker OriginSpeaker from Nigeria 
Speaker NameBernard O. W. Mafeni reading The North Wind and the Sun 
WAV Digitization Quality44.1 kHz, 16-bit sound depth (bit rate=705 kbps) 
MP3 Bit Rate56 kbps 
Original Recording MediumReel Tape 
Unicode Word Listpcm_story_1966_01.html 
Unicode Word List Entries1 - 1 
TIFF Imagepcm_story_1966_01.tif 
JPG Imagepcm_story_1966_01.jpg 
TIFF Image Quality300 dpi 
JPG Image Quality300 dpi 
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