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Entry Speaker Transcription English 
1  Brother Hello Atsi!  Hello Atsi. 
2  Sister O, Anto? Siyopa ya?  Yes, Whats this? 
3  Brother Si Jerry ya. Simmabi ak la. Nanlapo ak ediyad Pilipinas.  This is Jerry. I have arrived already from the Philippines. 
4  Sister E, Kapigay insabim?  When did you come? 
5  Brother Nen Septiembre - ika - 30 na Septiembre nen simmabi ak. Simmabi ak ta manaral ak diya.  I came on September 30. I came over to study here. 
6  Sister E, kumustay biyahem ey?  How was your trip? 
7  Brother E, maong. Limmugan ak ed PAL(Philippine Airlines).Manlapud Manila anggad Tokyo say niluganan ko PAL. Insannanalagarak diman na waloran oras amo o pituran oras. Insan nen ala - siete na labi, Tokyo time, limmugan ak ed PAN AM paunlad LA. Kasabsabik natan. Wala ak ed airport. Abeten da ak di Tita Lyn Kuno, di Auntie Lynn.   It was fine. I boarded PAL from Manila to Tokyo where I waited for seven or eight hours for my connecting flight. I boarded PAN AM at 7 o'clock in the evening, Tokyo time, for LA. I have just arrived. I am at the airport and Tita Lynn, Auntie Lynn will fetch me up. 
8  Sister E, sige ta laen mi ka met siren ditas abong yo. Iner so panaralan mo?  In that case, I will go and see you there. Where would you study? 
9  Brother Diyad UCLA. Manaral ak ed UCLA. Et mangalaak na Masters in Business Administration.  At UCLA. I shall study at UCLA and I shall take up Masters in Business Administration. 
10  Sister A maong tan. Marakep itan ya anonatan mo.  That is a very good idea. 
11  Brother An E kumusta kayod tan ey?  How are you? 
12  Sister Maong met. Ni wadya maykaanakan mo. Balbaleg la.  We're fine. Your niece is here. She's growing. 
13  Brother E, kumusta tay kaanakan ko?  How is my niece? 
14  Sister Onakar la. Anta to lay mantipak na lima to. Mansalita met la.  She walks now. She can clap her hand and she can speak too. 
15  Brother O, mansalita la! Antoray ibabaga ti ey?  She's speaking already! What does she say? 
16  Sister Anta to lay mansalitay Papa tan mama. Ta ibabangatan mi nen kuyam.  She can say Papa, Mama. Your Kuya and I are teaching her how to speak. 
17  Brother Makaakar lay Michelle, siren.  So Michelle can walk now. 
18  Sister A, anakar lan boker ta. Mabati-batik ni, a.  Yes, she can walk by herself. In fact, she runs fast. 
19  Brother E ta laba-labay dan nanengneng di bai to tan laki to ed Pilipinas. Nen aminsan ya timmawag irad tan et elek-lan elek si bai to ta arengel nen bai to ya unaakis tay ape ra ya si Michelle.  Her grandparents in the Philippines would like to see her very much. As a matter of fact, when they talked with you on the phone last time, her grandmother was so delighted to hear the cry of her granddaughter. 
20  Sister E, ta maong met so laman to. Maong ya mangan. Agip la oip katon mataba-taba Ambela-belat la.  She's very healthy. She eats and sleeps a lot. That's why she's becoming too heavy. 
21  Brother Say kuwanen bai to agyo kono papaulyan to ampano untaba-taba et naalig to ratay arom ya ogogaw ditan ya balbaleg ira. Mataba-taba.  Her grandmother says that you be on the look-out for she may grow too stout just like the other, big and stout kids. 
22  Sister An pulyan mo ta asikasuen miy panangan to. E anto ey, kapigan man - umpisay klasi yo?  Don't worry, I'll take care of her. When does your school start? 
23  Brother Manumpisa no ayay Oktubre. Manumpisa lay klasi mi ed sayan Oktubre.  School starts in October. My classes would start in October. 
24  Sister E, di maong siren. Manpa-enroll ka met lad satan? O ayari la?  That's good. Have you enrolled yet? 
25  Brother E, Ayari ak met lan nanpa-enroll. met. Ayari ak lan nanpa-enroll.  Yes, I'm done enrolling. 
26  Sister Apasyal mo lamay UCLA?  Have you been to UCLA? 
27  Brother E, balbaleg tay UCLA manaya.  yes. I didn't UCLA is very big. 
28  Sister Agustuan mo?  Did you like it? 
29  Brother E, agus-gustan ko. Balbaleg tan dakdakel iray facilities da. Angkakabaleg iray buildings da. No mas baleg ni manaya nen say UP yay UCLA.  Yes, I like it very much. It's large and it has a lot of facilities. The buildings are big. UCLA is even bigger than UP. 
30  Sister Man-aarawian met iray buildings da?  Are the buildings also far apart? 
31  Brother An, man-aarawian. Angka-kabaleg iray distansiya ra. E, kumustay bayaw ko ey, si kuyak ey?  Yes, they're far apart. The distance between them is big. How is my brother-in-law, my Kuya? 
32  Sister O maong met. Wadya, trabaho lan trabaho. Very busy katon insan kami la ompasyal ditan ta nengnengen mi ka met.  He's fine. He works a lot. He's so busy that's why we'd just go there to see you some other times. 
33  Brother Kuwanen manay et asikasuen nen kuya kunoy laman to ta ampano mansakil et siki met lamang so kaskasyan no ontan.  Mother says Kuya should take care of himself. If he gets sick, you'd also suffer. 
34  Sister E, kato lanti. Atan so ibabagak ed sikato. Maong met ingen so panangan to a. Agto papaulyan so laman to anggano mantratrabaho.  That's what I've been telling him. Though he eats well and he does take care of himself. 
35  Brother E, maong siren no ontan. An ayam ak diyad abong na sakiy ya san-asawan Amerikano. Makalibre ak lad satan ed panayaman ko.  That's fine then. I shall be staying in the house of an American couple. In that case, I shall have free lodging. 
36  Sister A, maong tan.  That's good. 
37  Brother Bali-bali may lugar ko. Bokbokor ko ed samay abong. Samay abong ko salaney dimad samay abong na san-asawa.  I have a nice place. I stay alone in my house which is separate from the house of the couple. 
38  Sister Singa arawiy daiset.  It must be a little bit far. 
39  Brother E, arawiy daiset. Wala met so swimming pool da.  Yes, it is just a little bit far. There is a swimming pool. 
40  Sister Marakep awa.  It must be a nice place. 
41  Brother E, marakep. Say kuwanda et nayari ak ya mangawi na bisitak diman anggad laba-labay ko. Maong met iram san-asawa ingen.  Yes it is. They told me that I could bring as many friends as I would like to in my house. They are a very good couple. 
42  Sister Maong met ira.  They must be really nice. 
43  Brother O, maong ira. Samay masiken walad Mexico natan. Kanyan samay atilak diman, amay akolaw labat. Balet samay akolaw onla diyad Chicago ed sayay Oktober 18.  Yes, they are. The husband is now in Mexico so that only the wife is left in the house. Although she's leaving for Chicago too on October 18. 
44  Sister A mayam-yaman iran talaga ta pasyal laran pasyal, awa?  They must be very rich because they travel a lot. 
45  Brother Akakalaw la ra balet saray ina ra mabilay nira samay ina to may akalaw nubentay-das (92) Anos. Samay ina to may masiken walumplo tan anem (86) so taon da.  Yes. They are old but their mothers are still living. The wife's mother is 92 years old while the husband's mother is 86. 
46  Sister Maong met iraratan ya san-asawa.  They should be a very good couple. 
47  Brother O maong iran san-asawa. Walay negasyo da. Say negasyo da man-iimpart ira na saray decor items. sikaray ilako da.  Yes. They are in business. They import and sell decor items. 
48  Sister No kiyen asikasum so pipinulop mo ed sikarn. Gawam ya singa teng ma ra tapian aroen da ka met ya singa anak da.  Be nice with them. Treat them as your parents so they would treat you as their son. 
49  Brother An, gawen ko tan.  I'll do that. 
50  Sister Insan asikasum met so panaral mo. Atay laman mo asikasum met.  Also take care of your studies. And your health too. 
51  Brother Kumusta si Auntie Esing, ey?  How is Auntie Esing? 
52  Sister Si Auntie? wadya ra. Very busy met irad abong da ta nan-anak lamay manugang da. Bii so anak to.  Auntie? She's here. She's very busy because her daughter-in-law has just given birth. It is a baby girl. 
53  Brother Siyopa tan - si Penny?  Who's this? Is it Penny? 
54  Sister Si Penny. Say anak ta bii. Say ngaran to Kiyen... Sharon so nyaran to.  It is Penny. She has a baby girl. Her name is Sharon. 
55  Brother E, di duara (2) lay anak to?  So she has two kids now? 
56  Sister Duara la.  Yes there are two already. 
57  Brother Sakey laki tan sakey ya bii. Samay asawa nen Penny ey, si Romeo, ey?  One boy and one girl. Penny's husband, Romeo, where is he? 
58  Sister A onsabi met la - manlapo ed Roma. Ta wadman so trabaho da.  Oh he is coming very soon from Rome. His work is there. 
59  Brother A manaya. Si Uncle Rally ey?  Is that so? How about Uncle Rally? 
60  Sister Kiyen asumpal met lamay training to. Mantrabaho la kuno ed sayay ontombak ya bulan.  He's done with his training. I understand he would soon be working this coming month. 
61  Brother Pantrabahuan da ey?  Where is he working? 
62  Sister Singa sakey ya factory.  I guess at a certain factory. 
63  Brother Maong siren la mantrabaho lay Uncle Rally.  It is a good thing then that Uncle Rally will be working soon. 
64  Sister Maong lanti tapian natulungan daray anak da ed Pilipinas met.  Yes, so he can help somehow his other children in the Philippines. 
65  Brother Aga mailiw si Auntie Esing?  Isn't Auntie Esing homesick? 
66  Sister Andi la ta wadya lay asawa da. No maminsan makanunat, makakailiw no maminsan halet man-e-enjoy ta lanang ya man-party. Na amay senior Citizen. Ay, gaba- gabay to. Masaya - sayan natan.  Not anymore because her husband is already here. Though at times, she feels homesick. At times, too, she enjoys going to the Senior Citizen's party. She likes that very much. And she dances a lot. 
67  Brother Siren.  Really 
68  Sister Ay sayaw la sayaw.  She keeps on dancing. 
69  Brother Nen kapigan sim makalaw insan masaya-sayaw.  She enjoyed dancing when she grew old. 
70  Sister An. ta nen saman ka no agto ni asubukan iraratay nansayaw diman ed publiko. Natan umbabawi. Gabay ton man-arab ya mansayaw.  Yes, because according to her, she never experienced this - especially dancing in the public. So she's making the most out of it now. 
71  Brother Anto ray sayaw ya sasayawen to ey?  What does she dance? 
72  Sister Ay iray hat… hat dance … latest craze ya kuwanda. Mansayaw met na tango, cha-cha.  The hat dance. The latest craze. She also dances the tango, cha-cha. 
73  Brother E si Uncle, ey? Mansasayaw met?  What about Uncle Rally? Does he also dance? 
74  Sister Ay sikaram dua. Lanang irad perty. Anggad lahi rad man.  Yes, both of them. They are always in parties. They are there till night time. 
75  Brother E, si Auntie Pelaging balet ey?  What about Auntie Pelaging? 
76  Sister Si Auntie Pelaging? Wadman ta manbakasyon ed San Francisco ed sayan sakey ya simka.  Auntie Pelaging? She's going on a vacation to San Francisco this coming week. 
77  Brother E, mayaman si Auntie Pelaging siren. Manbakasyon ed San Francisco.  She must be rich. She goes on a vacation to San Francisco. 
78  Sister An. Manbakasyon lamet ta bisitaan to iray kanayon tod man kuno.  Yes. She's going on a vacation to visit her relatives there. 
79  Brother Siyopay kaiba ton onlad San Francisco ey?  Who's going with her to San Francisco? 
80  Sister Amay anak tan si Lita.  Her daughter Lita. 
81  Brother Dua-duara ira?  Just the two of them? 
82  Sister Dua duara iran onla. Man-eroplano ira.  Just the two of them. They'll go by plane. 
83  Brother A man-eroplano ira.  Oh they're taking the plane. 
84  Sister Man-eroplano ira  Yes, they'll take the plane. 
85  Brother Kumista ditad lugar yo? Dakel kunoy nanengneng ditaa.  How does your place look? I understand there are so many good places to see there. 
86  Sister A on. Umpasyal ka met diya. Paulyan mo ta no naala mi kad tan ed Los Angeles, no naala mi kad tan, awiten mi ka diyad kuwalaan mi ta walay Sea World. Marakep diya ta nanengneng mo si Shamoo.  Yes. Come and visit us. Don't worry because one time, we'll pick you up at Los Angeles and we'll bring you here. We'd take you to the Sea World where you can see Shamoo. 
87  Brother Anto tay Shamoo?  What is Shamoo? 
88  Sister Amay killer whale.  That is a killer whale. 
89  Brother Balbaleg tan?  Is it big? 
90  Sister Ay balbaleg.  Oh very big. 
91  Brother Nanengneng mon manpatey ya talaga?  Can you see it kill? 
92  Sister An, marake rakep.  Yes it is very nice. 
93  Brother Nanengneng mon manpatey na…  Can you see it kill… 
94  Sister Ay aga manpapatey na too ta in-train da ya. Walay shak to ya ipanengneng da. Bali-bali. Insan wala met diya so zoo. Walay zoo mi riya. Nanengneng mon amin ya klasi na ayep.  Oh no, it does not kill anybody because it was trained. But there is a very nice show which you can see. And then there is also a zoo here where you can see all types of animals. 
95  Brother Ta walay katungtong kon sakey ya Pilipina kaibak diyaa UCLA.  Oh yes. I was talking with a Filipina here at UCLA… 
96  Sister O akanengnengan mo ed satan ya too ey?  Where did you meet her? 
97  Brother Diya lad UCLA. Diyak la akab atan.  Here at UCLA 
98  Sister Taga - iner ed Pilipinas?  From where is she in the Philippines. 
99  Brother Diyad Manila. Taga Manila. Nanaral diyad Assumption College. Mayaman. Taga Dasmarinas Village. Et, anto ya, limma kunod tan, nanpasyal ed San Diego - dakdakel kunoy anengneng to. Limmad San Diego Zoo, limmad diyad Sea World insan immayam ira kuno ed Balboa Park - diyad hotel outside of Balboa Park kuno. Bali-bali kuno tan.  From Manila. She studied at the Assumption college. She's rich. She comes from Dasmarinas Village. According to her, when she went to San Diego, she's seen so many good places. She went to San Diego zoo, to Sea World. She stayed at a hotel outside of Balboa Park. She says your place is very nice. 
100  Sister An marakep diya. Katon nanengneng mo met no makapasyar ka kiya.  Yes, it is nice here. You'd see these places too once you come over. 
101  Brother Atay Balboa Park asingger ed Balboa Hospital?  Is Balboa park near Balboa Hospital? 
102  Sister Asingger la. Asing - singger lan tuloy.  It is very near. 
103  Brother Masanting siren tay Balboa Park?  Is it a beautiful park? 
104  Sister An marakep met la.  yes it is. 
105  Brother Nen simmabi diya ak st singa Pilipinas met yay States. Singa miparpara ed Pilipinas met. Dakdakel so tataneman. Iray buildings da angkekelag balet. Say anlak atatagey iray buildings diya.  When I come over, I thought States looks like the Philippines. There are so many rice fields. But the buildings are short. I was expecting taller buildings here. 
106  Sister E, angkekelag labat ira.  Yes they are short buildings. 
107  Brother E, angkekelag manaya. Singa Manila met lamang. Singa Makati.  Yes they are short. Very similar to Manila, to Makati. 
108  Sister Say marakep diya maawa-awang so dalan. Samay freeway da balbaleg.  What's nice here are the roads. The free ways are very wide. 
109  Brother Atan so diprensiya na (Manila) Pilipinas tan diyad Amerika. Angkabaleg so dalan diya.  That is the difference between (Manila) Philippines and the states. The roads here are very wide. 
110  Sister An, a, Insan aliwan marabok.  Yes and it is not dusty here. 
111  Brother E, aliwan marabok. Walay kotsi yo la awa?  Yes. Don't you have a car? 
112  Sister Wala la a. Katan aliwan mairap so luganan diyad Amerika.  We have and that's why transportation is not a problem here. 
113  Brother Mandra - drive kila, Atsi?  Do you drive now, Atsi? 
114  Sister Ay mandra-drive ak met lay daiset ta aka-aral ak la.  I can drive now a bit because I'm learning to. 
115  Brother Akala kilay lisensiya yo siren no mandra-drive kila?  So you must have driver's license now? 
116  Sister Man - road tesi ak lad saya.  I still have to take the road test. 
117  Brother A di no man-drive kayo sandara-iset ni?  So you drive short distances only? 
118  Sister Ay sandara-iset  Yes just short distances. 
119  Brother Sujopay mambabangat ed sikayo ey?  Who's teaching you how to drive? 
120  Sister Si Kuyam la.  your Kuya. 
121  Brother A. Iner kayo man-pra-practice driving ey?  where do you practice driving? 
122  Sister Diya rad parking lot unman. No maminsan diyad small streets aliwan amay busy streets.  In parking lots and the like. At times in small streets, not the busy streets. 
123  Brother Nayariy ontan?  Is that possible. 
124  Sister An.  yes. 
125  Brother Walay student permit yo?  Do you have a student permit? 
126  Sister Wala  I have. 
127  Brother Singa diyad Pilipinas me lamang Agka-makapan-drive no anggapoy student permit mo.  It's just like the Philippines. You can not learn how to drive without a student permit. 
128  Sister An A. Kailangan man. Importante diya man.  Yes. That is necessary. That's important here. 
129  Brother Mampapa-kumusta manaya ra di nanay tan si Tatay.  Oh yes, father and mother would like to say 'hi' to you. 
130  Sister O kumusta ra ey?  How are they. 
131  Brother E, maong ira. Maksil so laman da. Nene pimmikal ak, intular da ak diayd airport. Asaksaklay may niluganan kan eroplano kanyan asakbay kamin bimmangon met lamang.  They're fine. They're very strong. When I left for the states they saw me off at the airport. Since the plane I was taking was departing early, we had to wake up early too. 
132  Sister Anto ey, agustuan mong unlugan ed eroplano met?  Did you like traveling by a plane? 
133  Brother E, Bali-bali so unlugan ed eroplano. Asubak ko la ingen so limmugan diyad eroplano balet angkekelag may eroplanon niluganan ko nen saman. Aya balbaleg.  Yes, it was nice. I've tried traveling by plane before but these were small ones. This time, it was a big plane. 
134  Sister A, baleg natan.  So it was bigger plane this time. 
135  Brother Ira di nanay tan di tatay, maong komon no nanengneng da met yay Amerika.  It would be good if father and mother could come and see the States. 
136  Sister An, a, nanengneng da komon ta talagan marakep diya.  Yes, I wish they could come because there are so many good places to see. 
137  Brother Marakep, e.  Beautiful - yes. 
138  Sister Pati say klema, ambetel. Agka manlinglinget ya lanang.  Even the weather is cool. You do not perspire easily. 
139  Brother E, Atan so apansin ko. Agak manlilinget diya.  Yes that's what I noticed. I do not easily perspire here. 
140  Sister Insan say panangan sagana met.  And there's a lot of food. 
141  Brother A, e, dakdakel so panangan diya, awa.  Oh yes, there is plenty of food. 
142  Sister Iray fresh fruits, ya kuwanda.  Even fresh fruits, as they call them. 
143  Brother E, fresh fruits dakdakel diya.  Yes there are lots of fresh fruits. 
144  Sister Pati say gatas.  Including milk. 
145  Brother Atay ubas - anta dakdakel diya mamur - mura manaya. 39 cents per pound. Et diyad Pilipinas mabmabli tan. Singkuwenta pesos so sakey ya kilo. Ed ingka-mabli ta et nalnali agmo diwiten.  Even grapes are bountiful here. And they're cheap - 39 cents a pound. In the Philippines grapes are expensive. It is 50 pesos per kilo. You wouldn't even dare touch it because it is too expensive. 
146  Sister Nalnali ag mo ni nasaliw.  You almost wouldn't be able to afford it. 
147  Brother E, nalnali ag nasaliw. Mabmabli ditan so ubas.  Yes, grapes are expensive. 
148  Sister Katon natan mansawa ka la.  This time you'd get fed up with grapes. 
149  Brother E, diya masam-samit manayay panangan diya. Dakdakel. Balet na- mi - miss ko met iramay panangan diyad Pilipinas ingen ta agak makapapangan.  Food here is good although I miss the Philippine foods. 
150  Sister Diya ed Amerika maslak ya kakanen da uray tinapay labengat. Insan iraratay tatawegen dan hamburger.  In States, what is usually eaten are mostly bread and hamburgers. 
151  Brother E, panangay Amerikano  American food. 
152  Sister E, panangay Amerikano. Aliwan singa diyad Pilipinas. Say kakanen tayon lanang adabo, panait iray untan.  Yes. American food. Unlike in the Philippines, we usually take adabo, pansit and the like. 
153  Brother Insan niluto.  And rice. 
154  Sister Niluto. Diya balet say kanen da iratay french fries, hamburger, itay fried chicken.  And rice. Here what they have are french fries, hamburger, fried chicken. 
155  Brother Nalnali anggapoy niluto da. Puro tinapay. E, sigi siren atsi. No kiyen, umpasyal ak ditan.  They almost don't have rice. Bread is what they have. Okay, so one time I'll visit you. 
156  Sister A, O sige siren.  Okay then.