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Entry Sound Illustrated  Notes  IPA Transcription English Gloss 
1  front, unrounded /ɪ/   etɪ̂  to make, create 
2  front, unrounded /ɪ/   edɪ́ɪ́  the act of eating 
3  front, unrounded /e/   ebe  to plant, be 
4  front, unrounded /e/   ebee  to see 
5  front, unrounded /ɛ/   elɛ́e  to tell 
6  front, rounded /ü/   tüü  voice 
7  front, rounded /ɯ̈/   metɯ̈ ɯ̈  advice 
8  front, rounded /ɯ̈/   el ɯ̈́ɯ̈  to insult 
9  front, rounded /ö/   nköö  leopard 
10  front, rounded /ö/   elöö  nest 
11  central, unrounded /a/   ela  to set net in place 
12  central, unrounded /a/   eláa  to count 
13  back, rounded /u/   elû  night 
14  back, rounded /u/   j̀úu  honor 
15  back, rounded /ɯ/   elɯ̂  to bite 
16  back, rounded /ɯ/   kɯ ɯ́  caterpillar 
17  back, rounded /o/   elólo  to carry 
18  back, rounded /o/   milóó  vine (sp.) 
19  back, rounded /ɔ/   lɔ́ɔ  news 
20  1 (phonetic pitch contrasts; 1 is highest, 5 is lowest)  ebeé tʃǐ  to see an in-law 
21  2   ebeé tír  to see an animal 
22  3   meô tő  It is I who went earlier today. 
23  4   nɔ̌n  mother 
24  13   ebeé mʉ̂d  to see a person 
25  24   mwân  child 
26  45   mʉd  person 
27  (not given)   ebee mwân  to see a child 
28  (not given)   ebee mʉr  to see a person 
29  42   ebeé pemé  to see a field 
30  42   ebě pemé  to plant a field 
31  132 or 12   elî pemé  to clear a field 
32  434   me ô tó  It is I who went earlier today. 
33  (not given)   lǽːláma  glass of lamp