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Entry Click Accompaniment Transcription English 
1  basic ǀɑɑ  go 
2  voiced ǀɡɑ̃ɑ̃  work 
3  nasalized ǀnɑɑ̃  see 
4  ejective and plosive ǀkʼqɑɑ  hand 
5  ejective only ǀqʼɜn  small (pl) 
6  glottal stop ǀʔɑɑ  die 
7  uvular aspirated ǀqhɑɑ  to smoothe 
8  preglottalized nasalized ʔǀnɑɑ  to suit 
9  prevoiced, ejective and plosive ɡǀkʼqɑɑ̃  to chase 
10  aspirated without audible velar/uvular stop ǀhɑɑ  search for spoor 
11  prevoiced with voiceless velar fricative followed by glottalized vowels ɡǀxˀɑ̃ː  splatter water 
12  voiceless velar fricative ǀxɑɑ̃  dance 
13  prevoiced and aspiration without audible velar/uvular stop ɡǀhɑɑ  rotten/stale meat 
14  prenasalized and voiced uvular stop nǀɢɑɑ̃  be spread out 
15  voiceless uvular stop ǀqɑɑ  rub with hands 
16  voiceless nasalized ǀn̥uˀiː  be careful 
17    ʘṵ̰ũ  ?
18  voiceless nasal ʘn̥ɑ̛ɑ̃ː  conceal oneself 
19  voiced nasal ǀnɑɑ̃  see 
20  voiceless nasal ǀn̥ưui  be careful 
21  voiced nasal ǃnɑɑ̃  coeval 
22  voiceless nasal ǃn̥ɑ̛ɑ̃  attack 
23  voiced nasal ǂnɑɑ  look for 
24  voiceless nasal ǂn̥ưuɑ  be out of reach 
25  voiced nasal ǁnɑɑ  grewia 
26  voiceless nasal ǁn̥ɑ̛ɑm  be damp