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English gloss 
1  (no transcription)  (Nama greeting phrases) 
2  ǀō  the sound of something falling 
3  ǀhō  to push something into a hole 
4  ǀgoɑ  put all things into something 
5  ǀnō  to measure 
6  ǀkhō  to play an instrument 
7  ǂɑis  gold 
8  ǂhɑis  the red back-part of a female baboon 
9  ǂgɑis  to call 
10  ǂnɑis  turtledove 
11  ǂkhɑris  a small one 
12  ǃoɑs  to meet 
13  ǃhoɑs  to talk 
14  ǃgoɑs  a hollow in the ground 
15  ǃnorɑs  take maize seeds one-by-one off the cob 
16  ǃkhoɑs  a belt 
17  ǁɑos  to refuse 
18  ǁhɑos  a traditional cooking place  
19  ǁgɑros  to write 
20  ǁnɑes  to point 
21  ǁkhɑos  to strike 
22  (no transcription)  above 
23  (no transcription)  carnivores 
24  (no transcription)  a baboon 
25  (no transcription)  a back  
26  (no transcription)  sky 
27  (no transcription)  to assemble 
28  (no transcription)  (unable to distinguish recorded gloss) 
29  (no transcription)  (unable to distinguish recorded gloss)