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Entry Transcription Literal Gloss English Translation 
  Note: Many of the sentences in the audio are not transcribed.     
1  xaaboipi xao-xaago-xoihi xóo-xiai  paixuba there-has-question jungle-with   Is there paixuba in the jungle? 
2  xapaitaí xiboitaipí-haí  hair cut-will  I will have my hair cut. 
3  ti xíbais-aagáhá  I partner-have  I have a spouse. 
4  hi soxóá káa-hoagái-taháhá  he already house-return  He has returned to the home. 
5  xahoahíái káa-hoagái-haí  tomorrow house-return-will  I will return to home tomorrow. 
6  hiaitíihi xáa kóhoi-baí-koí hoaagái  Piraha fruit eat-alot-really, type_of_fruit  The Piraha eat a lot of hoaagai. 
7  hi hoáoíi kabahá hoáoú  he gun gone gun   
8  giaibahai xao xaag-ooi xóoxiai  dog there has-question jungle-at  Are there wild dogs in the jungle? 
9  ti xá-ohoi-baí kagahoaogií  I fruit-eat-alot papaya  I eat a lot of papaya. 
10  hoasaisi xísipóaí xao xaagáhá  type_of_bird wing there has  The bird has wings. 
11  ti xá-ohoi-baí xípōāi  I fruit-eat-alot mango  I eat a lot of mangos. 
12  hi-ao-xaagáhá pibo-óxio  he-there-has downriver  He is downriver.