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Entry Notes  English 
1  (No wordlist found; English transcribed from recording.)  The people plant sesame seed. 
2    The people heat oil. 
3    If the eggs are left until tomorrow, they will surely go bad. 
4    I want to pour some water into a container. 
5    I will threaten him tomorrow. 
6    Don't be afraid. 
7    He is taking a bath. 
8    He mimics. 
9    Choya's body is muddy from working plastering. 
10    He walks limping. 
11    He suffered from the cold last night. 
12    He killed a monkey at the hunt. 
13    I scraped the inside of the gourd. 
14    He was late. 
15    She put the fish on the fire to boil. 
16    He moved out of the way. 
17    I am putting strings on the guitar. 
18    He is the one who puts the corn in the granary. 
19    I always pour tea. 
20    I am about to pour the water out. 
21    I will give him a chicken. 
22    I will give him many chickens. 
23    People tan hides with _____ fruit. 
24    People soak gourds in the water. 
25    I will tie the rope once. 
26    I will tie many knots in the rope. 
27    I am making a point on the tree or stick. 
28    I suck the fruit of the ___ tree. 
29    Cover the water pot. 
30    Fill the water pot with water. 
31    I am about to put the water on the fire to boil. 
32    I will tie the rope many times. 
33    I want to climb up the ____ tree. 
34    When the people feared the lion, they fled. 
35    The owl's eyes frighten me. 
36    The root of the ______ plant is very shiny. 
37    The ______ mollusc is very big. 
38    Bring the wool gourd; I will drink some water. 
39    I catch fish with a big hook. 
40    Tomorrow I will catch many fish. 
41    We are calling. 
42    We are exchanging food gifts. 
43    We will buy some grain. 
44    We will sell some grain. 
45    He is threshing grain. 
46    He prohibits the child. 
47    They shook out the cloth. 
48    They slit the pig's stomach. 
49    The fruit will ripen. 
50    The fruit has ripened. 
51    He is looking at an axe. 
52    He is looking at a monitor lizard. 
53    I am digging to find a rat. 
54    I want to eat a fish. 
55    He is observing death. 
56    He is looking at a monitor lizard. 
57    We are not praising. 
58    We are not chatting. 
59    He should wash his hands. 
60    You must not touch him. 
61    They keep on hitting the pig. 
62    They hit the pig once, and then hit again. 
63    He knows how to trap birds. 
64    He supervises the hunt. 
65    He will buy some grain. 
66    He will sell some grain. 
67    Don't throw it to them. 
68    Don't throw the cup down. 
69    She delivers the woman. 
70    She gives birth to a child. 
71    The ___ tree thorns pierce people. 
72    the razor with which people shave their heads 
73    I don't take good care of the wood. 
74    I roll the rod. 
75    The pelican eats fish. 
76    Pork is delicious. 
77    The roof-pole of John's house broke. 
78    The door of John's house is open. 
79    He is unable to open the door. 
80    He is unable to open the door. 
81    People don't eat the brown frog. 
82    I cut some ___ branches of the tree. 
83    Get out of the way; he wants to throw the throwing stick. 
84    He wants to throw at the bird. 
85    I am throwing at the palm tree. 
86    Hurry up and throw! 
87    They filled the well with mud ____. 
88    The people were throwing sticks at each other last night. 
89    May you have a good life. 
90    I was herding cattle. 
91    I want some goat plant to take to my wife so she can make a head ring. 
92    I want to eat the goat's head. 
93    The child told his father that he wanted something to eat. 
94    Children, get up and go inside; there's a whirlwind coming. 
95    The children are playing the ____ game. 
96    It's dark out because of the fog. 
97    giraffe 
98    giraffe (pl.) 
99    He has a lot of hair. 
100    I didn't sleep last night because I was bitten by a lot of mosquitos. 
101    I want to accompany you to your village. 
102    I also did the same and threw him down. 
103    The lizard was lying in a hole. 
104    He refuses to come out. 
105    They are praising god. 
106    They are conversing among themselves. 
107    I will tie the rope once. 
108    (skips) 
109    They have started telling stories. 
110    They have started grinding the mash. 
111    He flayed the sheep. 
112    He has become good. 
113    I've gotten a hair in my eye. 
114    It's a mosquito that is buzzing inside. 
115    Tie the rope once more. 
116    Tie the rope many times. 
117    He wants to wake up his brother. 
118    You want to wake up your brother. 
119    He tells stories. 
120    She grinds mash. 
121    He loots things. 
122    He looted things. 
123    He is looking at the bridge of his nose. 
124    He is looking at an elephant. 
125    She grinds the mash with a stone. 
126    He tears the paper. 
127    There are two things. 
128    I am thirsty. 
129    goat innards 
130    The wildcat is eating the chickens. 
131    I want to leave now.