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Entry Makassarese Orthography English 
1  Arengku i Ali. I nakke ammantanga' ri Djakarta. Anne pa' rasanganga lompo sikali. Djai dudu tau ammantang anrinni. Djakarta pa' rasangang kaminang lompo ri Indonesia. Riballatta nia' annang kamara'. Tatakku segang ammakku tindro ri kamara' se' rea. Kamara' tallua toana pata punna nia'battu. Ridallekang ballatta nia' poko' taipa kaminang tinggia. Rappo taipaija kaminang njamang. Manggeku ammakku segang andikku pangngai rappo taipa. Sipa' ganga tau Indonesiaija pangngai taipa todong. Ri Indonesia nia' rupa taipa. Nia' lompo na la'bu, nia tong tja'di na bundala! Nia' te' ne dudua, nia'tong tena na te'ne dudu  My name is Ali. I live in Djakarta. This city is very large. A lot of people live here. Djakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia. There are eight rooms in our house. My mother and father sleep in the largest room. My younger brother and I sleep next door to them. The third room is for guests that might come by. In front of our house there is a very high manggoe tree. Manggoes taste the best of all. My mother, father and younger brother are all manggoe lovers. Manggoes are the favorite fruit of many Indonesians. There are several kinds of manggoes in Indonesia. There are big and long ones; there are also small and round ones. There are very sweet ones, and there are some that are not so sweet.