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Entry Kutep English 
1  bapàp  they made 
2  bak͡pák  they are strong 
3  babá  the came 
4  bata  they shot 
5  batsà  they prefer 
6  bazap  [meaning obscure] 
7  ùrʷátçàk  his skin 
9  baʒap  they bought 
10  bakà  they share 
11  bacá  they found 
12  bafkap  they roasted 
14  bandà  they gave 
15  mbàk͡pà ró in̠d̠ʒa  the maize germinated 
16  baŋɡak  they are quiet 
17  bamá  they went 
18  unà  the stick 
19  baɲàŋ  they are handsome 
20  baŋáŋ  they are red 
21  bafa  they included 
22  basà  they took 
23  baskàp  they are better 
24  baʃa  they found 
25  bará  they are rotten 
26  bajà  [meaning obscure] 
27  bawam  they are dry 
28  bandʷap  they wove 
29  bapʷà  they grind 
30  babʷa  they deceived 
31  batʷáp  they picked up 
32  batsfáp  they chose 
34  bat̠ɕfàk  they sleep 
35  baʑvam  they begged 
38  baŋɡʷà  they drink 
39  baŋʷáŋ  they slip 
40  basfa  they kneel 
42  barʷa  they greeted 
43  baskʷáp  they are foolish 
47  bamʷà  they measured 
52  bambʷà  they tasted