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Entry IPA Transcription  English
1  (no transcription)  (informants 1 - 4 give their names) 
2  tshe  week 
3  ds’ōó  hartebeest 
4  tsʼá  sleep 
5  dxō  to skewer meat (string beads) 
6  txá  to hit with a missile (stone or arrow) 
7  txʼà  to be weak 
8  dzxòarā  gap in teeth 
9  tsxānā  a mixture if you have heartburn 
10  tsxām  hold between toes 
11  tʃá  to fetch 
12  dʃhīí  to carry a child straddled one leg over one shoulder 
13  tʃhātʃhā  sprinkle with water 
14  dʃ’ī  to be wet 
15  tʃʼām  coracias garrulus (type of bird) 
16  dʒxāní  eland 
17  tʃxái  wind (n) 
18  kxʼám  mouth 
19  tʃã̄  gravy 
20  tʃá  to fetch something 
21  tsã́  two 
22  tsā̯  to grind 
23  tʃà̯  to pour out 
24  ʒã̄  to be ready 
25  zá  to curse 
26  zã̯̄  plant (Boscia sp.)