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Entry Notes  English Gloss 
1  No text found. English gloss transcribed from recording.  to throw out 
2    to hear 
3    to be crinkled 
4    to run 
5    tooth 
6    to look for spoor 
7    type of Acacia 
8    to dry something 
9    a resting plce 
10    iron 
11    spring 
12    straighten 
13    open space 
14    (indistinguishable from recording) 
15    to throw out 
16    to be old 
17    hard surfaced area 
18    to shine 
19    type of worm 
20    to hold something 
21    hat 
22    tooth 
23    to speak about 
24    (indistinguishable from recording) 
25    to burst out, as of water 
26    to pin with a forked stick 
27    seed 
28    a bone 
29    species of plant 
30    blanket 
31    to kick 
32    to go out 
33    (indistinguishable from recording)