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Entry Potential assimilations English 
1  ea, eo, ii that man has a strong heart (is hard-hearted) 
2  ia, u̧e she cooked goat meat 
3  o̧a I am looking for meat 
4  aa, o̧a he is looking for meat 
5  aa I am eating eggs 
6  aa he is eating eggs 
7  ua I am carrying meat 
8  ae, ua he is carrying meat 
9    I am buying it 
10  ae he is buying it 
11  ù̧á I am singing (song) 
12  àá, ù̧á he is singing (song) 
13  èú I am getting the better of you (plural) 
14  àá, èú he is getting the better of you (plural) 
15  aú he is in the house 
16  aà it is on the ground 
17    it is on the veranda 
19  àa, íò̧ we are leaving at dawn 
20    he is in Lagos 
21    (rejected by speaker) 
23    I am going to go to Lagos 
24  àa he is going to go to Lagos 
25  àó̧ that he go to Lagos (I want him to go…) 
26    go to Lagos 
27  àé he will eat, (that done), go Lagos 
28  àé, áaa he will eat, (that done), go market 
29  àáa go to market 
30  àáò go to Owerri 
31    how are you? (how?) 
33  i̧a OK. and you? 
34  ééo, uu OK. and your family? 
35    we’re OK 
36  áao are you going to work? 
37    yes, I’m going to work 
38  éée where (what place) 
39  éée, éí̧ where are you going? 
40  àáo, uo̧ good. go well. 
41    what, which 
42    it is Felix’s (thing) 
43  èá that thing is Felix’s (thing) 
44  éà, éa this thing is Ada’s (thing)