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Entry Speaker Romanization English 
1  I Khob Hakul Jan.  So dear Hakul. 
2  II Asa.  Say. 
3  I Asa, desnem khob einch er pas horn ou mor hed khosazeek ha?  Say, what was it, you talked to her mom and dad? 
4  II Ha yes horn ou mor hed khosazeem, iseenken yerek che anzial ore, me yerku yerek or araj er bana einch en assoum…  Yes I talked to her mom and dad, I mean the day before yesterday, two or three days ago, how do you say it… 
5  I Eskesak khosale eirar hed.  You started talking to each other. 
6  II Genazim doune hedo mere eskesav khosale eskesav asele te ˈbana einch ek ouzoum anek baba esenz el chi elni ou…  I went home and then her mom started talking. She started saying that what do you want to do now this is not the right way and…. 
7  I Yani eira mere kez ekav asav.  You mean her mom came and told you… 
8  II Ha dounou, dounoum eskesav asel, eskesank khosale amen einchi masin, hedo shad benere edkan hedakerkir chi, karevor chi, hedo khob here ho asam vor eim hed cher khodoum, hedo vocheinch here eskesav khosale ou ban hedo meren asav ban arek, einch en assou, arek nestek meeaseen khosazek ou essenz ou enenz...  Yes, at the house she started saying. We started talking about everything most of them are not that interesting or important, then like I told you her father didn't talk to me then he started talking and then her mother said do it this way, well, come and sit down and talk to each other this and that... 
9  I Yani dou ou einken ou…  You mean you, her and… 
10  II Yes ou einken ou..che yes ou sylvan.  Me and her and… no just me and Sylva. 
11  I Ba hedo memen baben einch?  Then how about her mom and dad? 
12  II Khosoum ink edegh, khosakzoutian jamanak khosoumin ou minchev ban elav einch en asoum, asam lav, hedo yerek che anzial ore, che yerek genzim, Yerek genzim nestank khosazink hedo yes asam vor yes ouzenam hed gam ou gan, ouzem kiakees zeve pokhem ou esenz baner, me keech touimazoutium er ele ban eira horn ou mor hamar, ouzoumin eimanaeen einchpess masalan einchera, vor kap chouner eiranz yev chenn haskanoum khob eimanoumess ban en, heen seroundeezen manavand here.  They were there at the time of the Conversation, we were talking until how do you call it… then the day before yesterday I mean yesterday I went there and we sat and talked and I told them that I want to come back, I want to change my life style and things like that. There was a little misunderstanding for the parents; they wanted to know what kind of change I was talking about and that had nothing to do with them but they didn't understand, well you know they are from the old generation especially the father. 
13  I Dou horn ou morn el asar vor ouzoumes ko kiankid zeve pokhes to henz Sylvaeen eir assel hedo sylvan er eiranz assel?  Did you tell the mom and dad also that you wanted to change your life style or did you just tell Sylva and she told them. 
14  II Che yes asseleem ou eirank cheen haskanoum hedo yes Sylvaeen asam baba es me bana vor eim ou ko meja hedo Sylvan asav ha yes verjabes kouzenam me kich mer kianke pokhem esenz hognazuzich chelni amen or gam doun kerakour epem ban yes el khob ed chem ouzoum ed eimanoumem.  No I told them and they didn't understand. Then I told Sylva this is something between you and me then Sylva said that she would like to change our life too so it wouldn't be so tiring to come home and cook every day, well I don't want that either. 
15  I Jeeshda assoum.   
16  II Ouzouma ban, erda, shabate mek kisher yerkou kisher college erda ou esenz baner.   
17  I Edi lav gaghapara.  This is a good idea. 
18  II Ha hedo eskesazink khosale here me akhmakh ban herzerav hedo eskesezink mekich khosale douneen hasnelou masseen yes asam baba yes douneen kehasnem byz eim hamalsaran erdale ameniz karevorena arajeene vorovhedev yes ambayman hamalsaran ouzem erdam eisk ed baniz hedo el...  Yes, then we started talking and her father asked a stupid question. Then we started talking about doing things around the house, and I said I will do things in the house but first my studying is the most important thing, because I want to go to the university for sure but after that... 
19  I Ed douneen hasnele eincher?  What was that about doing things around the house? 
20  II Douneed hasnem, chamne, bane, akher yes enkan cheem hasnoum vorovhedev shad chem seeroum byz heima eli khob kanem el, kezbaghvem vorovhedev jameres aveli shad kelezni.  Well the lawn and stuff, well I didn't use to do that because I didn't like it but now, well I'll do it. That will keep me busy. 
21  I Khob akher me ban vor dou ches seeroum her bidi anes? Her masalan meki chevarzes vor ani?  Well if this is something you don't like, why should you do it? Why don't you hire somebody to do it? 
22  II Che, her anem? Vorovhedev pogh beekhod bedke dank.  No, why should I do that? Because we'll have to pay them. 
23  I Ha khob byz edi me bana vor dou boloroveen hajouyk ches danoum anes.  Yes, well, but that's something you don't enjoy doing at all. 
24  II Hajouyk chem danoum byz enkan vades el chi galees, menak eim zevov em ouzoum anem ban…  I don't enjoy it but I don't hate it. I just want to do it my way… 
25  I Ha khob eiharke me keech el vor anes einchzev kasen sovoroutioun kelni.  Well after doing it for a while you will get used to it. 
26  II Ha sovoroutioun kelni khob vades chi ga anem ban. Desnenk heima einbes kelni. Hedo asam me hamalsaran erdalena karevor mek el ed meetingnere vor bidi erdam. Khob here chi haskanoum vor es meetingnere vor erdoum em eincha, bana khob haleen chi esa vor bana einch en asoum hedo khosk elav ban hedo harzerav yes me keech jeghaynazeleem eimanoumes me keech ban eim ele, einch en asoum?  Yes I'll get used to it! Well I don't dislike doing it. We'll see what happens. Then I said my studying is one thing that is important and the other thing is the meeting that I have to go to. Well her father doesn't understand what these meetings are then in the conversation he asked something. I got mad, you know. I was a little what do you call it… 
27  I Nereve…  Nervous… 
28  II Ha jeghaynazeleem hedo ban elav einch en asoum hedo asav te khob asa desnem ed shabat mek ankam meeting erdale ardiok es eirakanoutiouna? Meedke en er vor yes masalan odar degh cherdam.  Yes I was mad and then he said well tell me your going to these meetings once a week is this true? He meant would I be going somewhere else. 
29  I Ha shit…  Ye, shit! 
30  II Es vor asav yes shad jeghaynazam.  When he said that I got really mad. 
31  I Ha knob ba einch.  Well of course. 
32  II Yes jeghaynazam hedo ver kazam kangnam Sylvan banen el nekatan, verkazam kangnam balanineres verzram, asav Hykaz jan felan, asav te khob vaded yekav? Esenz me ban herzerav, asam ha shad vedes ekav vorovhedev shad akhmakh ban herzerar ou dours yekam. Kholase douniz dours ekam ekam nestam mekenas ekam zaz, La Crescentaeez ekam doun, yani doun chekam, ekam Glendaloum me had meeting kar genazeem me keech menazeem ban,...  I got mad and I got up. Sylva and the others noticed it too. I got up, got my keys; started saying Hykaz, well did you get hurt and stuff like that. I said yes I am hurt because you asked a very stupid question and I got out; anyway I got out of the house, got in my car and went down La Crescenta, I went home, I mean not home, I went to one of those meetings in Glendale; stayed there for a while... 
33  I Es yerek keesher er ha?  This was last night? 
34  II Ha yerek keesher er, me keech menazeem, yerkar chemenazeem vorovhedev eimazam Sylvanceirde kejaki asam ambayman heima kemedazi vor heima yes genazelem vor khemem.  Yes it was last night. I stayed there for a while. I didn't stay long because I knew Sylva would be scared to death, I thought for sure she'll think that I went drinking. 
35  I Khemes ha…  Drinking ye… 
36  II Me keech menazeem meenchev ein ou kesse yani meedkes hangeesd cher eimazam vor telephone kano kam kanhangesdana kani vor es verjeres geeghere kaykayvela.  I stayed until nine-thirty my mind wasn't at ease, I knew she would call or she would get worried, because she is in a very nervous stage lately. 
37  I Che baba?  Oh really? 
38  II Ha vorovhedev hern ou mern el hy anhanguis en…  Yes because her mom and dad are uncomfortable too… 
39  I Ha khob.  Well yes… 
40  II Ham el Tehrani veechaken ou ban shad me anhanduisd ceechaka araj ekel hamare. Me keech el mekhkesa galees hamare.  Also the situation in Tehran, it is an uncomfortable situation for her. I feel a little sorry for her. 
41  I Dra hern ou mere hed chen erdoum?  Aren't her mom and dad going back? 
42  II Che, chen karogh erdan heima ho odanav el chi erdoum hedo verchabes…  No, they can't go now, there is no airplane going, then anyway… 
43  I Nebadek el chounen erdalou?  They are not planning on going either? 
44  II Che ouzoum en, here shada ousoum hed erda.  No, they want to; her father really wants to go back. 
45  I Ba her chen erdoum?  Why don't they go then? 
46  II Heima ki chen karogh, karogha es kerive verchana vor ban elni ouzenan hed erdan.  They can't now, maybe when this war is over they will want to go back. 
47  I Ouzen erdan.  They'll want to go. 
48  II Ha ba einch ouzoum en hed erdan akher eiranz dounen ou phoghe amene endegha; hedo vocheench ekam asam mekhka telephone anem vor aghalan keeshere keni hanguisd. Eimanou es cheem ouzoum vad verveem byz khob yes vades er ekel.  Yes of course they want to go back. Since their house and money, everything is there. There I felt sorry for her. I thought I'd better call so at least she'll sleep at night. You know I didn't want to act mean but I was hurt. 
49  I Ha khob doueiravounk ounire.  Well yes, you had the right. 
50  II Ha telephone aram Sylvaeen asam ban, Sylva yes menak telephone em arel vor asem yes che ganazeem khemelou, lesoum es?  Yes, I called Sylva and I said Sylva I only called to tell you that I didn't go drinking, you hear? 
51  I Aha.  Uhu. 
52  II Eiran asam, asam yes chegenazeem khemelou ou heima el doun em ekel hedo vocheench me keech khosazeenk hedo eiran asam babed eiravounk chounee esenz me ban einzaniz harznki voch babed boch mamed.  I told her I didn't go drinking and I am at the house now. Then we talked a little and I told her your father didn't have the right to ask me something like that. Neither your father nor your mother. 
53  I Lhob einken el haskazeler che?  Well she understood that too. Right? 
54  II Ha, asav te has yes eimazam vorovhedev yes eiranz hed khosazeem. Anglereneem khosoum hedo asav yes haskazam yes el eiran asam ban…  Yes she said "yes I know it because I talked to them". I was talking to her in English. She said "I understood that and I told him in stuff". 
55  I Eincha heren ou mere angleren chen khosoum aslan?  Her mom and dad don't speak English at all? 
56  II Che; mere haskanouma me keech, barere ban, dasarana erdoum ban, hedo asam eiran, asam yes faghat edkan asem vor shad vades ekav veeravorvam vorovhedev aslan eiravounk chouni vor harzni, shad akhmakh me harz er yev dou karoghes harzenes byz en che, eda vor asam faghat telephone em arel vor asem khemelou chem genazel asam voch dou, voch babed voch el voreve me ban karogha einzee keshi debi khemele eda vor medked hanguisd elni gena keni. Eimanoum er shad eim angangesdazel aslan doghoum er mejkes.  No. Her mom understands a little, some words, she is going to school. Then I told her I just want to tell you that I was really hurt because he doesn't have the right to ask. It was a very stupid question. You can ask but not him, and I just called to tell you that I didn't go drinking. I said neither you, nor your father, not anything can push me into drinking. So don't worry and go to sleep. She knew I was really mad I mean my back was shaking. 
57  I Ha heima orden khosazelek ed masin vor dou veradarnas ou forlan?  Now you've already talked about you going back and stuff? 
58  II Ha hedo desam es shad bana, chem eimanoum angleren bare chem ouzoum gorz azem vorovhedev okoud chouni, ban einch en asoum esenz shad khare ou anhanguisd veechaka araj ekel yev khob eim mekhkesela vorovhedev yes em eskesel.  Yes, then I felt that, I don't know, I don't want to use the English word because it won't do any good, how do you call it, it is a very confusing and uncomfortable situation and it has been my fault because I started it. 
59  I Ha khob ed ho vocheinch.  Well yes that's nothing… 
60  II Dra hamar es or medazam ban, es or telephone aram asam eimanoues eincha dou medazir des yete ouzoum es vor menk karogh enk noriz eskesenk asam eincha dou medazir des yete ouzoum es vor menk karogh enk noriz eskesenk asam yes es or weekenda gorzelouem yerkar, es weekend vor gorzelou elnem asam ban kanem, einch en asoum, mamid babid banere ber zaz yes el ban manes kesarkem dou verzrou mekenayov dar verev nouyn jamanak vor horn ou morn ou abranknere berouma zaz asam eim mekenayov noriz eim abrankneres dar verev.  That's why I thought… I called her today and I said "you know what, you think about it and see if you think we can start it again, today is the weekend I'll be working late you can take your parents' stuff and bring them down and I'll have my stuff ready you take it up there in the meantime that you are bringing your parents and their stuff down take my stuff up in the car. 
61  I Einken einch asav? Einken einchbesa medazoum ed masin?  What did she say? How does she think about this? 
62  II Khob einke vakhenouma.  Well she is scared. 
63  I Vakhenouma der ha?  She is still scared hu? 
64  II Ha vakhenouma ou khob shad geeghere kaykayvaza chi karogh cheeshd me ban verzni, voroshi, yani voch te voroshoum kadari menak asam einz hamar karevoren eda vor mer mej ed esgazmounke hala ka yete kez mej ka yev karzoumes noriz keskesenk, hedo vocheinch kholase khosazink asav es keesher hognazem, einken asav...  Yes she is scared and well she is very nervous she can make the right decision. I told her for me the important thing is that there is still that feeling between us if you still have that feeling and you think we can start it again, and then, anyway, we talked and she said that "I am tired tonight", she said... 
65  I Aha.  Uhu. 
66  II Asam yes el erdalou em Gogoli mod asam vahe keesher kegam kerdank dours asam dounen el chenk mena vorovhedev chem ouzoum dounoum heded khosam mamid babid mod asam kerdank dours me digh me ban koudenk kekhosank.  I said I'll be going to Gogol's also. I said tomorrow night I'll come and we'll go out. I don't want to stay home because I don't want to talk to you in the house in front of your parents. I said we'll go out somewhere, eat something and talk. 
67  I Edi lav gaghapara vor erdak dours myasin.  That's a good idea to go out together. 
68  II Ha sam verdank dours kekhosank hedo ban kanenk, einch en asoum, ke voroshenk. Heima vaghe korzem jagheez hedo kerdam eiran keverznem kerdank me degh kenesdenk ke khosank.  Yes, I said we'll go out and then we'll decide. Now tomorrow I'll work, in the afternoon I'll go pick her up and we'll go out somewhere, eat something and talk. 
69  I Eira hern ou mere yerekhin bahoum en? Yani eiranz hamar karevoroutioun chouni vor masalan dou yerekhin toghnes eirang mod dours erdak?  Do the parents take care of the kid? I mean they don't mind for you to leave the kid with them and go out? 
70  II Che, bahoum en ba einch vor bahoum en. Ed me hadouk dejvaroutioun chouni. Her che bahen?  No, they keep him, of course they do. This is not such a hard thing for them, why shouldn't they keep him? 
71  I Akher dou areden voroshel es einchzev kasen karzoum es vor heima arden jamanakena?  Well have you already decided that now it is the time? 
72  II Ha akher menam el einch anem… Aysinken einghbes jamanakena?  Yes, what can I do staying? … what do you mean if it is the time? 
73  I En desakediz vor masalan heima dou eimanoumes vor eiskabes ouzoum es veradarnas ou Sylvaee hed elness?  I mean for instance now you know that you really want to go back and be with Sylva? 
74  II Ha ouzoum em vorovhedev akher yerekhen el ka, es el bana che, voch to faghat yerekhi badjarov…  Yes I want to, because there is the kid too, not just because of the kid… 
75  I Ha khob…  Well yes… 
76  II Yes arden sovorelim, arden sovorel em. Arajnere medazoumin vor masalan yete yes chelnem yerekhi mod dejvar kelni baa, byz hedo mekeech anzav desam che kelni, sovorouma yerekhen yev hata karogha yerekhen me keech el baghouma kam sovorouma.  I already got used to it, in the beginning I thought it would be hard if I wasn't there with the kid but then after a while I found out that it would work out; the kid gets used to it and even gets a little cold or used to it. 
77  I Yani einchbes? Kezaniza baghoum?  You mean in what way? He gets cold toward you? 
78  II Ha yeb vor herou menas yerekhen ke sovori.  Yes when you stay away the kid gets used to to it. 
79  I Eiskabes? Edi ezgazeles ha?  Really You have felt that? 
80  II Edi ezgazelem ha byz khob yerekhi hamar el dejvara.  I have felt that but it is hard for the kid too. 
81  I Ha khob.  Well yes. 
82  II Vorovhedev yerekhen hera ouzoum gelkhin manavand vor degha yerekha elni.  Because the kid needs a father especially when it is a boy. 
83  I Me yerekha ham here ouzoum ham mer, ed ho…  A kid needs a father and a mother. 
84  II Yerkousen ela ouzoum khob, dar zemn mer mej teshnamoutioun cheka.  Yes he needs them both. In the meantime we were not enemies. 
85  I Khob ed ho douk kervogh ho chek vor hey kervek eirar-hed ou edenz baner.  Well yes you weren't the type who would fight all the time and stuff like that. 
86  II Ha mek chenk kervel kam eirar chenk venasel kam eirar ezgazmounknere chen venasel es zevov eda vor masalan hedo mer djokvelou badjare odar keen ou aghcheek kam odar mardou badjar chi yeghel eda vor heshda, eda vor kelni sarkel noriz shad baner pokhi.  Yes we didn't fight or hurt each other, or each other's feelings for instance our spearation was not because of another woman or another man that's why it is easy, we can work it out by changing some things. 
87  I Ha, einchbes asar yete der me keech ed ezgazmounke ka aghalan mard karogha me porzee desni karogha te che hedo myaseen kephorzek yete noriz desak che elnoum en ourish harza.  Yes like you said if that feeling is still there you can at least try it together and if you see that it is not working then that's another thing. 
88  II Ha yete hedo desank chi elnoum en arden mard karogha nesdi voroshi byz eiskabes en jamanak chi elnoum, byz es zevov bane vor eim khemelou badjar elav kam yes odar me veechakee mejeim chem ouzoum edenz me ban araj ka, vorovhedev kalni yete hdo chelav en jamank mard...  Yes if then we see that it doesn't work out then we can decide but that's when it really doesn't work. But this way since my drinking was the only reason for it, I don't want this to happen because it will work out, but then if it doesn't then… 
89  I Aghalan khyaled rahat zevov karoghes erdas korzeed hedeviz.  At least you can go mind your own business without worrying. 
90  II Ha rahat zevov karogh em erdam korzi eimanoum em vor edenz me ban cheka.  Yes I'll go to work and I know such thing doesn't exist. 
91  I Eim karzikov mishd edenza yani me zouiki mej harze bidi myaseen hal elni vorovhedev yete jok elness meshd ed shake ka yete eiskabes ouzoum es to ches ouzoum. Einche einchouza, byz yerb vor myaseen es ou yerkousi khelken el eira deghena eirar hed en gorzoum.  In my opinion it is always like this. I mean between a couple the problem has to be solved by two of them because if you do it by yourself there will always be a doubt whether you really want to or not, what is what, but when you are together and they both have their head in place they work it out together. 
92  II Ha yeb vor yerkousis khelkneres deghen yeghav hedo en jamanak karogh enk voroshel so desnem einch kelni heima vaghe erdank dours khosank.  Yes when we both have our heads in the right place then we can make the right decision. So we'll see what happens, tomorrow we'll go out and talk. 
93  I Dou mamid babid hed khosazel es sera maseen?  Have you talked to your mom and dad about this? 
94  II Oum?  Whom? 
95  I Mami hed.  To your mom. 
96  II Che byz karogha nakhkan en vor yes hed erdam doun telephone anem.  No, but maybe before I got back home I'll call. 
97  I Noriz telephone anes eiranz.  You'll call them again. 
98  II Telephone anem asem eiranz vor esenza yeghel.  Yes I'll call them and I'll tell them that it has been this way. 
99  I Neranziz lour chouness, ches eimanoum nernaz ezgazoume eincha?  Have you heard from the, do you know how they feel about this? 
100  II Che neranz kab chouni.  No, it has nothing to do with them. 
101  I Byz yete anhanguisd en anhanguisd chen.  But whether they are worried or not? 
102  II Ha anhanguisd en byz kab chouni.  Yes they are worried but it is not their business. 
103  I Ha ed ho khosk cheka manavand vor eskan herou en.  Yes that's for sure especially now that they are so far away. 
104  II Che modik el elnin kab chouner.  No, even if they were close it would be none of their business. 
105  I Sure, sure.  Sure, sure. 
106  II Esa.  That's it. 
107  I Adjabǃ Yes heima shad kaghzaz em hakul jan, eimanoum es…  Hmm, you know I am very hungry now Hakul. 
108  II Yes el em kaghzaz.  I am hungry too. 
109  I Ha ouzem erdam nesdem…  Yes I want to and sit down somewhere. 
110  II Eda vor heima vaghe verchanznenk hedo kamanz kamanz erdam…  Now, tomorrow we'll finish this and then little by little I'll go… 
111  I Pas edenz es medazoum dou vaghe hareze barzaznes ou…  So you think tomorrow you'll clear the matter and… 
112  II Ha erdam myaseen dours erdank mekeech nesdenk khosank voroshenk einchbesa, yes einch ounem aselou, einken el asi ou verchaznenk verchaznenk hedo erdam el esenz el chi elnoum akher voch eskoghma voch enkoghma.  Yes we'll go out together and talk a little and see how it is. I'll say what I have to say and she'll say hers and we will finish this because it can't go on like this to be in the middle. 
113  I Ha keesada menazel, einghzev kasen odi meja. Khob Sylvan el eira geloukhe deghena eni eimanouma einche einchiza.  Yes it is half way done, it's in the air. Well Sylva has her head in the right place she knows what is what. 
114  II Ha byz heima el arden khelken el chi gorzoum.  Yes but now she doesn't have her head together. 
115  I Eiskabes?  Really? 
116  II Ha vorovhedev shad ban veechaki meja aveli vad dejvar veechaki meja kante yes.  Yes because she is in a worst and more difficult situation than I am. 
117  I Ha ed ho khosk cheka meje.  Yes that's for sure. 
118  II Vorovhedev hern ou meren el kan ou nerank el anhanguisd en eira badjarov ou hedo me koghmiz el barskasdani veechake anhanguisdazrela eiranz, hedo el dounena. Yes es or asam, eiran asam aveli lava menk es bane verchaznenk eirank el gan eiranz es doune menan aveli hanguisda vorovhedev chem ouzoum shad kharnevi yani chen kharnevoum be oun sourat byz hern ou meren en belakhare desnoum en, hedo voroshel em meinchev endegh vor karoghem yani chem asel esenz me ban, vor eim vodes haii shejaniz me keech kedtem.  Because she has her parents too and they are not comfortable because of her and also the situation in Iran is bothering them and then there is the house. Today I told her it is better to end this thing so they could come and stay in their house it is more comfortable because I don't want them to interfere, I mean they don't interfere but still they are her parents and they see each other, and then I have decided, even though I didn't tell her, to stay away from the Armenian gatherings. 
119  I Khob edi shad karevora vor kyankeed zeve me keech pokhes, kourena, aghbera, esa, ena…  Well that's very important to change your life style a little. There is the sister and brother and so on… 
120  II Che shad em ouzoum pokhem karogha kamanz kamanz pokhem by voroshel em ambayman anem asel em eiran.  No. I want to change it a lot maybe slowly but I have decided to do it for sure, I have told her too. 
121  I Einken eincha asoum?  What does she say? 
122  II Khob einken el asouma ha, che asoum che, einken el asouma meraz me amousnyakan kyank er ele byz yes voroshel em yev arjeen banen el ena vor hamalsaran vor erdam me keech dours kerdank, einken el ouzouma shabate me keesher yerkou keesher kours verzni vor me keech einke dours erda vor es me zev ban elni...  Well she says yes, she doesn't say no, she says it also that it has been a dead marriage life but I have decided the first thing is that when I go to the university we'll go out a little and she wants to take a course once or twice a week so she'll go out a little too so it wouldn't be... 
123  I Edi shad karevora, shad karevora, mard bidi einchzev kasen amousnoutian kianki mej me keech aghalan job abri, einchzev kasen erkouse me hoki chelnen, mard eira kyanken ounena mekeech vor eimana vordegha erdoum.  That's very important, very important. In a married life you should live a little apart I mean you shouldn't become one, you should have your own life a little so you'll know where you are going. 
124  II Khob ed el kamanz kamanz ke sovraznem eiran, endounel kedam eiran ed me keech. Byz me keech khob dours erdank lesoumes me keech einch en asoum, me keech aveli eskoghm enkoghm shepvenk kam yes masalan daseres sovorem einken me odar zevi ezvaghvi, yev… lav kelni, karzoum em...  Well I'll teach her that little by little too. I'll make her accept that a little. But we should go out a little, you know, and associate here and there or for instance I'll study and she'll keep herself busy with other things and… It'll be all right, I think. 
125  I Ou amerkazi enker mard chari, you know, vor faghat ed sovorakan bane chelni.  You should find some American friends, you know, so it won't be fust the normal thing. 
126  II Ha ed sovorakan amen orva kyanke chelni. Ed er einzi shad neghaznoum.  Yes so it won't be the very day routine that's what was really bothering me. 
127  I Haskanalya.  That's understandable. 
128  II Ha ed er neghaznoum einzi.  Yes that's what was bugging me. 
129  I Es hedakerkira esi dasnhing robeiz bidi avel yeghaz elni, chem eimanoum her… eda ekav asav vor arden bidi verchaznenk khob pas hedo ke khosam heded.  It's interesting this must have been more than fifteen minutes. I don't know why… There he is, he came and said we would stop. So I'll talk to you later. 
130  I Hedo kekhosank. OK.  Ok. We'll talk later. 
131  II Byby jeegar.  Bye, dear.