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Entry Fulfulde (Western Niger) English 
1  to paadˀaa  Where are you off to? 
2  o barkidˀii  he is fortunate 
3  o bˀamtii  he lifted 
4  no mbaaldudˀaa  Have you had a good night? 
5  o tawii  he found 
6  o dawii  he started early 
7  o dˀaanike  he slept 
9  o ndaarii  he looked 
10  o d̠ʑalii  he laughed 
11    they failed 
13  o ŋatii  he bit 
14  o ʔaawii  he sowed 
15  o mahii  he built 
16  o naatii  he entered 
17  o ɲaamii  he ate 
18  o fabˀbˀii  he delayed 
20  o ʃaawii  they wrapped 
21  o haarii  he is full 
22    he stirred 
23    he is white 
24  o jarii  he drank 
25    he asked 
26  toje n̠d̠ʑaanoʔdaa  Where have you been?