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Entry Fulfulde (Maasina) English 
1  o wáddii defte mabˀbˀe  He brought their books. 
2  homo waddi defte mabˀbˀe?  Who brought their books? 
3  ndijam dˀaʔam jaratáako  This water is not drinkable. 
4  ɡudʑo ʔon nánngaama  The thief has been caught. 
5  ɡudʑo ʔon nammgaama?  Has the thief been caught? 
6  ɡudʑo ʔon nanngaaka  The thief has not been caught. 
7  ɡudʑo ʔon nanngaaka na?  Has the thief not been caught? 
8  fulfulde bˀe kaalata  It's Fula they are speaking. 
9  hodˀum bˀe kaalata?  What are they speaking? 
10  hoto ndʑahataa?  Where are you going? 
11  hodˀum ngolludˀaa hannde?  What (word) have you learned today? 
12  nde o warata?  When will he come? 
13  dʑaaŋɡo o warata  It's tomorrow he will come. 
14  mi jeɡɡitiino kono dʑooni mi mitɕtɕitike  I had forgotten but now I remember. 
15  henɡu putɕtɕu tɕoodaiaa?  Which horse will you buy? 
16  mi jeɡɡitii mbottaari maa  The chief has arrived. 
17  mi jeɡɡitataa mbottaari maa  I have forgotten your breakfast. 
18  mi jeɡɡitataa mbottaari maa  I will not forget your breakfast. 
19  mi jeɡɡitataa ma e mbottaari  I will not forget you at breakfast. 
20  mbottaari maa jeɡɡitaama  Your breakfast has been forgotten. 
21  mbottaari maa jeɡɡitaaka  Your breakfast has not been forgotten. 
22  so jiite naŋŋɡii suudu suudu suman  If a/the fire catches a hut, the hut will burn.