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Entry Dagbani English 
1  opahia  he cleared the ground 
2  opaɣia  he washed 
3  ok͡paːja  he poured 
4  obaŋia  he knew 
5  oɡ͡baːja  he got hold 
6  otamja  he forgot 
7  odamja  he shook 
8  ot̠ʃaŋja  he went 
9  od̠ʒaŋa  his monkey 
10  okaria  he drove away 
11  oɡaria  he passed 
12  omala  he had 
13  onaːja  he finished 
14  oɲamja  he ground 
15  oŋahja  he harvested corn 
16  oŋ͡maja  he mashed 
17  ofaːja  he let go 
18  ovalma  he alerted 
19  osaja  he planted 
20  oʃɛja  he sewed 
21  ozaŋja  he put 
22  oʒɛja  he blew 
23  olabja  he returned 
24  ojaːja  he took from the water 
25  owaja  he danced