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Entry Chinantec, Palantla English 
1  hwúʔM ʐa téH hwúʔM ʐa  He says we will fight he says. 
2  hwúʔM ʐa tíM hwúʔM ʐa  He says hard/tight he says. 
3  hwúʔM ʐa táM hwúʔM ʐa  He says loom he says. 
4  hwúʔM ʐa tã́L hwúʔM ʐa  He says they will fight he says. 
5  hwúʔM ʐa tẽ̃́LH hwúʔM ʐa  He says ‘Lower itǃ’ he says. 
6  hwúʔM ʐa tã́LM hwúʔM ʐa  He says they are fighting he says. 
7  hwúʔM ʐa tàH hwúʔM ʐa  He says work he says. 
8  hwúʔM ʐa të̀M hwúʔM ʐa  He says he is able he says. 
9  hwúʔM ʐa tùM hwúʔM ʐa  He says turkey he says. 
10  hwúʔM ʐa tòM hwúʔM ʐa  He says grinding stone he says. 
11  hwúʔM ʐa tã̃̀L hwúʔM ʐa  He says he will receive he says. 
12  hwúʔM ʐa tèLH hwúʔM ʐa  He says Matthew he says. 
13  hwúʔM ʐa tã̃̀LH hwúʔM ʐa  He says he is well fed he says. 
14  hwúʔM ʐa tàLH hwúʔM ʐa  He says ladder he says. 
15  hwúʔM ʐa téH  He says we will fight. 
16  hwúʔM ʐa tíM  He says hard/tight. 
17  hwúʔM ʐa táM  He says loom. 
18  hwúʔM ʐa tã́L  He says they will fight. 
19  hwúʔM ʐa tẽ̃́LH  He says ‘Lower itǃ’. 
20  hwúʔM ʐa tã́LM  He says they are fighting. 
21  hwúʔM ʐa tàH  He says work. 
22  hwúʔM ʐa të̀M  He says he is able. 
23  hwúʔM ʐa tùM  He says turkey. 
24  hwúʔM ʐa tòM  He says grinding stone. 
25  hwúʔM ʐa tã̃̀L  He says he will receive. 
26  hwúʔM ʐa tèLH  He says Matthew. 
27  hwúʔM ʐa tã̃̀LH  He says he is well fed. 
28  hwúʔM ʐa tàLH  He says ladder.