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Entry Transcription English
1  pia  mother 
2  ahpʉ  father 
3  nami  sister, younger 
4  patsi  sister, elder 
5  tami  brother, younger 
6  pabi  brother, elder 
7  tua  son 
8  peta  daughter 
9  kaku  grandmother, maternal 
10  toko  grandfather, maternal 
11  huutsi  grandmother, paternal 
12  kʉnu  grandfather, paternal 
13  nʉ pia  my mother 
14  ʉ pia  your (sg.) mother 
15  ika pia  his/her mother 
16  oka pia  his/her mother 
17  u pia  his/her mother 
18  ma pia  his/her mother 
19  nʉhʉ pia  our (dual, excl.) mother 
20  nʉmʉ pia  our (pl., excl.) mother 
21  taha pia  our (dual, incl.) mother 
22  taa pia  our (pl., incl.) mother 
23  mʉhʉ pia  your (dual) mother 
24  mʉʉ pia  your (pl.) mother 
25  mʉmʉ pia  your (pl.) mother 
26  itʉ pia  their (dual) mother 
27  ohrʉ pia  their (dual) mother 
28  uhrʉ pia  their (dual) mother 
29  mahrʉ pia  their (dual) mother 
30  itʉʉ pia  their (pl.) mother 
31  orʉʉ pia  their (pl.) mother 
32  urʉʉ pia  their (pl.) mother 
33  marʉʉ pia  their (pl.) mother 
34  naapĕ  foot 
35  oomŏ  leg 
36  moʔo  hand 
37  pʉʉra  arm 
38  paapĭ  head, hair 
39  tʉʉpe  mouth 
40  pui  eye 
41  nakĭ  ear 
42  muubi  nose 
43  nahnʉ reasʉ ʉ punituʔi  good bye (lit. Maybe I'll see you again.) 
44  ma ruawe. isa hakarʉ?  Hi. Who is it? 
45  Angie nʉ.  It's [I'm] Angie. 
46  ʉnha hina nikwai?  What do you want? 
47  ʉnha puhiwipaʔi?  Do you have [any] money? 
48  kehena nʉ. Pʉetsʉ̆kŭ nʉ puhiwi maruʔi. ʉntse hipeti nikwai?  No. Tomorrow I'll get money. How much do you want? 
49  na moʔobetĭ.  Just five [dollars]. 
50  haa na nʉ; ʉ uturuʔi.  Ok. I'll give it to you. 
51  nohitsaakʉ. Nonʉ pʉetsʉ̆kŭ ʉ punin ne. ʉra.  Great. I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks.