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Entry Orthography English 
1  Minkaat ala The chief got here 
2  Shiikaat ala The buzzard got here 
3  Fala-at ala The crow got here 
4  Minkaat abika The chief is sick 
5  Koniat abika The skunk is sick 
6  Ofo̱laat abika The screech owl is sick 
7  Nashobaat abika The wolf is sick 
8  Akankaat abika The chicken is sick 
9  Naahollaat abika The white man is sick 
10  Hachinkoniat abika Y'all's skunk is sick 
11  Toksala'paat losatok The lizard was black 
12  Ankoniat abika My skunk is sick 
13  Nashobaat ataklammi The wolf is bothering him 
14  Nashobaat asataklammi The wolf is bothering me 
15  Nashobaat asataklammitok The wolf bothered me 
16  Naahollaat ilittimanompoli The white man is talking to me 
17  Sattibaapishiat ataklammitok My brother bothered him 
18  Sattibaapishiat asataklammitok My brother bothered me 
19  Chittibaapishiat abika Your brother is sick 
20  Chittibaapishiat abika? Is your brother sick? 
21  Chittibaapishiat abikataam? Was your brother sick? 
22  Nashobaat achitaklammitaam? Was the wolf bothering you? 
23  Minko' pisa He looks at the chief 
24  Ihoo pisa He looks at the woman 
25  Oka' pisa He looks at the water 
26  Naahollo pisa He looks at the white man 
27  Ihoo pisatok He looked at the woman 
28  Naahollo pisatok He looked at the white man 
29  Nampaka̱li' pisatok He looked at the flower 
30  Nampaka̱li' pisataam? Did he look at the flower? 
31  Nashobaat malili The wolf is running 
32  Nashobaat malitaam? Is the wolf running? 
33  Nashobaat malli The wolf is jumping 
34  Nashobaat mallitaam? Is the wolf jumping? 
35  Naalhtoka'at maso̱fa The policeman is bald 
36  Naalhtoka'at maso̱fataam? Was the policeman bald? 
37  Naalhtoka'at apiisachi The policeman is looking after him 
38  Naalhtoka'at apiisachitaam? Was the policeman looking after him? 
39    The policeman isn't looking after him 
40  Chihashaa? Are you angry? 
41  Chihashaataam? Were you angry? 
42  Malili! Run! 
43  Malli! Jump! 
44  Apiisachi! Look after him! 
45  Katahaat malili? Who is running? 
46  Katahaat malitaam? Who was running? 
47    Who was supposed to run? 
48    Was the policeman supposed to look after him? 
49  Sattibaapishi pisatok He looked at my brother 
50  Hachittibaapishi pisatok He looked at y'all's brother 
51  imittimanompoli He talks for her 
52  hachimittimanompoli He talks for y'all 
53  hachimittimanompolitok He talked for y'all 
54  ikhachimittimanompo'lo He doesn't talk about y'all 
55  ikhachimittimanompo'lokitok He didn't talk about y'all 
56  hachimittimanompola'chitok He was supposed to read to y'all 
57    He was tired, but he looked at it 
58    When he gets here, he'll look at the picture 
59    When he gets here, he'll look at it 
60  Hattakat yaalhipa pisa The man looks at the hat