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Entry Sound IllustratedOrthographyEnglish 
1  ss issi'  deer 
2  oo loolo'  doodlebug 
3  oo hachi̱loolo'  y'all's doodlebug 
4  m hatiimimi'  type of insect (or its sound) 
8  tt itti'  tree 
9  ʃ chisha'  postoak tree 
10  h bihi'  mulberry 
11  bb koshibba'  poke salad 
12  j tiyak  pine 
13  n hina'  road 
14  ttʃʃ pichchá̱a  barn 
15  ʃʃ alhpishshi'  pillow 
16  jj iyyi'  foot 
17  t iti  mouth 
18    itihalbi', itialbi'  lips 
19  ttʃʃ ibichchala'  nose 
20  ʃʃ ibishshano  he has a cold, he has a runny nose 
21  mb hasimbish  tail 
22  ĩi i̱i  yes 
23  k+l toklo  two 
24  mb omba  it's raining 
25  mp impa  he's eating 
26  mp chompa  he buys it 
27    abika  he is sick 
28    asabika  I am sick 
29    abikachili  I made him sick 
30    achibikashli  I made you sick 
31    issabiikachi  you made me sick 
32    imambiika  he got sick for/over her 
6  mb shamba, shámba  he goes blind 
33  f asachifa  he washes me 
34    ilachifa  we wash him 
35  f alhchifa  it is washed 
36  f ilachifa  he washes himself 
37    aachi  he says it 
39    aashli  I said it 
38    ahánchi  he says it and says it (hngr.) 
40  b ittibi  they fight 
41    abitaam?  did he kill it? 
43    issabi  you killed me 
44    chibili  I killed you 
45  a alali  I'm here, I've arrived 
46  a ishtalali  I bring it here 
47  k+l iklo  he doesn't arrive 
48  k chiiki  early 
49  b alhchiba  it's late (it's a long time to wait for him) 
50  t asitili  he ties it to it 
51  jj iliyya  we go 
52  t ayiimita  he's happy and excited (about a coming event) 
53  l bila  it melts 
54  imbishlichi  he milks it 
55  ʃ imbishalhchi  it's milked; it's squeezed out 
56  h+l bohli  he lays it down 
57  h+l kahli  he lays them (2) down 
58    chaaha  he is tall 
59    sachaaha  I'm tall 
60    chakissa  it's sticky 
61    sachakissa  I'm sticky 
62  bb chikibbi, chikilbi  it's all piled up; it's dome-shaped 
63    chiko'li  she pulls her hair 
64    sachiko'li  she pulls my hair 
65    chofata  it's clean 
66    sachofata  I'm clean 
67  jj chóyyo'kma  it's really good (ygr.) 
68    choko'shkomo  he plays 
69    sachoko'shkomochi  he makes me play 
70  n halbina  it is given away 
71  k+l haklo  listen! 
72  o hakloli  I listen to it 
73  o chihakloli  I listen to you 
74    sahashaa  I'm angry 
75  k hika  stand up! 
76  kk híkki'ya  he's standing up 
77  ɬ hilha  he dances 
78  m sahimitta  I'm young, I'm new 
79  o hololi  I put on (shoes) 
80  o i̱hololi  I put on (shoes) for him 
81  o pohopoo  he's jealous of us 
82  mp hotampi  she strings (beads) 
83  ll illi  he dies 
84  m ima  he gives it 
85  nn lowak inni  he warms himself by the fire 
86  ʃ ishi  he gets it, he takes it 
87  ss impat issa  he finishes eating 
88  ɬɬ kilhlhi  he gnaws it 
89  s kisili  he bites it 
90  s chikisili  he bites you 
91    kisli  he bites it more than once (like a dog) 
92    chikisli  he bites you more than once 
94    kohónta  he whistles and whistles (hngr.) 
95    kooli  he breaks (e.g. a dish) 
96    kootaam?  did he break it? 
97    kohó̱litaa?  does he keep breaking it? (hngr.) 
98  n kostini  he sobers up 
99    lapaachi  he sticks it on 
100    lapaahánchi  he sticks it on and sticks it on (hngr.) 
101    lapaachili  I stuck it on 
102  f lhifi'li  he drags himself around 
103  p lhipa  it's worn out, ragged 
104  i liili  he hoes 
105  i hachi̱liili  he hoes for you all 
106  i malili  he runs 
107  i ishmalili  you run 
108  i ikmali'lo  he's not running 
109  i málli'li  (form of malili — ggr.) 
110  i ishmálli'li  (form of "you run" — ggr.) 
111  i malí̱li  (form of malili — ngr.) 
112  i ishmalí̱li  (form of "you run" — ngr.) 
113  ʔ ofi'at malli  the dog is jumping 
114  mallicha woochi  he jumps and barks 
115  h niha  it's greasy 
116  o okmiloli  he's bug-eyed 
117  o okmíllo'li  he's sort of bug-eyed (ggr.) 
118  o okmiló̱li  he's more bug-eyed (ngr.) 
119  tt okshitta  he closes it 
120  a ollali  he laughs 
121  a ishollali  you laugh 
123  ff pichiffi  he crushes it, splats it 
124  h+l pihli  he sweeps 
125  i pihlili  I sweep it 
126  i impihlili  I sweep it for him 
127  s pisa  look! 
128  p ilipisa  he's looking at himself 
129  p chipisa  he's looking at you 
130    chipisli  I'm looking at you 
131  a shala'li  he slides 
132  a ishshala'li  you slide 
134  kk shikkilili  it's cone-shaped 
135  ll shilli, shitli  he combs it 
136  pp shippa  it dries up (has the water go down in it) 
137  aa shokmalali  it's shiny 
138  j sinksiya  he whines (of a dog) 
139    sataha  I'm worn out 
140    taha  he's worn out 
141  a talaali  he sets it upright 
142  a ishtalaali  you set it upright 
143  a ontálla'li  (someone) has set it upright on it 
144  a talá̱li  he leaves (a cup) behind (ngr.) 
145  a ishtalá̱li  you leave (a cup) behind (ngr.) 
146  f ti̱fi  he plucks it, pulls it out by the roots 
147  w tiwa  it opens 
148  ww tiwwi  he opens it 
149  i toksalili  I work 
150  ʔ wáyya'a  it is located there [w] 
151  hh wihhila  it's shaped like a lampshade 
152  o wilooli  he shakes (a rug) 
153  o ishwilooli  you shake (a rug) 
154  o ikwilo'lo  he didn't shake it 
155  w iliwilooli  he shakes himself 
156  ɬ yilhibli  he demolishes it 
157  mm yimmi  he believes it 
158  j chiyimmi  you believe it