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Entry Sound IllustratedOrthographyEnglish 
1  p [environment i_a] ittipa  they eat each other 
2  p yaalhipa  hat 
3  p lhipa  it's worn out, ragged 
4  b alhchiba  it's late, it's a long time 
5  b ibayyi  nephew, niece 
6  t ayiimita  he bounces up and down in anticipation 
7  t achilita  he pesters him 
8  t nita'  bear 
9  t noksita  he's choking, he can't breathe; he is hanged 
10  k hika  he stands up 
11  k hoshottika  it is shady 
12  ʔ ofi'at woochi  the dog is barking 
13  mallicha taloowa  he jumps and sings 
14  f asachifa  he washes me 
15  f alhchifa  it gets washed 
16  f ishtalhchifa'  soap 
17  s pisa  he can see it; he sees it 
18  s alhpisa  it's measured 
19  ʃ chisa'  postoak tree 
20  ʃ pisha'chi  he's going to suck 
21  ʃ bishalhchi  it's squeezed out (of juice, milk) 
22  h wiha  he moves 
23  h niha  it's greasy; grease 
24  ɬ hilha  he dances 
25  ɬ albilha  they are trained on a pole (of beans) 
26  ɬ bala' albilha'  pole beans 
27  l bila  it melts 
28  l shila  it's dry 
29  m ima  he gives it 
30  m hapayyima  it's salty 
31  n halbina  it is given away, it is given up 
32  n holhtina  they get counted 
33  n hina'  road 
34  w tiwa  it (a door) opens 
35  w tiwabli  he dynamites it, he makes it explode 
36  w shiwaa  it is striped 
37  j akaniya  he goes off with her 
38  j sinksiya  he (a dog) whines 
39  j tiyak  pine 
40  p [environment i_i] nipi'  meat 
41  p alhiipili  he covers it 
42  p chipisa  he sees you 
43  b ittibi  they fight with each other 
44  b haksibish  ear 
45  t iti  mouth 
46  t sitili  she puts up (her hair) 
47  t asitili  he ties it to it 
48  k shiiki  buzzard 
49  k apistikili  he teases, pesters him 
50  k chiiki  early 
51  k ayala'chiki  I have to go 
52  noklhamallichi  he chokes him 
53  iliyimmichi  he psychs himself up, prepares himself mentally 
54  abiitippichi  he presses down on it 
55  f ti̱fi  he plucks it (a hair or feather), he pulls it out by the roots 
56  f hachifimmi  he throws you two out 
57  f i̱filammi  he leaves her 
58  s kisili  he bites it 
59  s chikisili  he bites you 
60  ʃ ishi  he gets it, he takes it 
61  ʃ pishi  he sucks 
62  h kiihi  oh! (excl.) 
63  h nihi'  seed 
64  h bihi'  mulberry 
65  ɬ tilhiili  he makes them run 
66  ɬ yilhipa  it collapses 
67  ɬ yilhibli  he demolishes it 
68  l alhiipili  he covers it 
69  l oklhili  it's night 
70  m hatiimimi'  type of insect 
71  m himitta  it's new 
72  m imilhlha  he's scared 
73  m sahimitta  I'm young, I'm new 
74  n kostini  he's sober; he sobers up 
75  n kitiini  great horned owl 
76  n binili  sit down! 
77  w ittiwini'chi  it's rumbling, it's revving 
78  w chiwiiki  you're heavy 
79  w iliwilooli  he shakes himself (of a dog) 
80  j chiyimmi  you believe it 
81  j iliyimmi  he's proud, he thinks he can do anything 
82  pp shippa  it dries up 
83  bb chikkibbi  it's all piled up 
84  bb koshibba'  poke salad 
85  tt okshitta  he closes it 
86  tt itti'  tree 
87  kk shikkilili  it's cone-shaped 
88  kk híkki'ya  he's standing up 
89  kk sakki  he catches up with her 
90  tʃtʃ ibichchala'  nose 
91  tʃtʃ pichchá̱a  barn 
92  tʃtʃ kochcha  he goes out 
93  ff pichiffi  he crushes it, he splats it 
94  ff bashaffi  he cuts it (a long object) 
95  ss issi'  deer 
96  ss bissa'  blackberry 
97  ʃʃ alhpishshi  he pillows his head on it 
98  ʃʃ alhpishshi'  pillow 
99  ʃʃ ibishshano  he has a cold 
100  hh wihhila  it's shaped like a lampshade 
101  hh imáhhi'ka  he owes him money on it 
102  ɬɬ kilhlhi  he gnaws it 
103  ɬɬ abilhlhi  he trains them (beans) on poles 
104  ll illi  he dies 
105  ll foni' illa  skeleton ("just bones") 
106  ll, tl shilli  he combs it 
107  ll, tl lhayilli  he gets it wet 
108  mm fimmi  he throws them (two) out 
109  mm yimmi  he believes it 
110  nn lowak inni  he warms himself by the fire 
111  nn kinni  he transplants it 
112  ww tiwwi  he opens it 
113  ww tíwwa'pa  it is open 
114  jj kayya  he is full 
115  jj iyyi'  foot, leg 
116  jj losayyi  it's dark colored 
117  i (non-leng.) bashlili  I chop it 
118    pihlili  I sweep it 
119    impihlili  I sweep it for him 
120    lhilili  I put medicine on my head 
121    i̱lhilili  I put medicine on my head for you 
122  i (leng.) toksalili  I work 
123  i (leng.), ii malili  he runs 
124    ishmalili  you run 
125  ii liili  he hoes 
126    hachi̱liili  he hoes for you all 
127  ikmali'lo  he doesn't run 
128  málli'li  (form of malili "he runs" — ggr.) 
129    ishmálli'li  (form of "you run") 
130  íʔ lí'li  (form of liili "he hoes" — ggr.) 
131    hachi̱lí'li  (form of "he hoes for you all") 
132  í̱ malí̱li  (form of malili "he runs" — ngr.) 
133    ishmalí̱li  (form of "you run") 
134  a (non-leng.) ollali  he laughs 
135    ishollali  you laugh 
136  a (leng.) alali  I'm here, I've arrived 
137    ishtalali  I bring it here 
138  a (leng.), aa shokmalali  it's shiny 
139  aa talaali  he sets it (a cup, for instance) upright 
140    ishtalaali  you set it (a cup, for instance) upright 
141  aa (derived) inkilaali  I burn with a flame for him (?) 
142  shala'li  he slides 
143    ishshala'li  you slide 
144  ontálla'li  it has it (a cup, for instance) set upright on it 
145  áʔ ittihaalá'lli  (form of ittihaalalli "he gets married" — ggr.) 
146    shalalli  he slips and falls 
147  áʔ shalá'lli  (form of shalalli "he slips and falls" — ggr.) 
148    ishshalá'lli  (form of "you slip and fall") 
149    lalli  he chops up bark for medicine 
150  áʔ lá'lli  (form of lalli "he chops up bark for medicine — ggr.) 
151    ishi̱lá'lli  you finally chop up medicine for him 
152  á̱ talá̱li  he leaves it (a cup, for instance) behind 
153    ishtalá̱li  you leave it (a cup, for instance) behind 
154  á̱a inkilá̱ali  I (still) burn with a flame for him (?) 
155  áyyaʔ shokmaláyya'li  it's really shiny (ygr.) 
156  o (non-leng.) hakloli  I listen to it 
157    chihakloli  I listen to you 
158  o (leng.) hololi  I put on shoes 
159    i̱hololi  I put on shoes for him 
160  o (leng.), oo okmiloli  he's bug-eyed 
161  oo loolo'  doodlebug; white man (kids' word) 
162    hachi̱loolo'  y'all's doodlebug 
163  oo wilooli  he shakes it 
164    i̱wilooli  he shakes it for him 
165      he didn't hear it 
166    ikwilo'lo  he doesn't shake it 
167  okmíllo'li  he's really bug-eyed, he's sort of bug-eyed (ggr.) 
168  ó̱ okmiló̱li  he's more bug-eyed (ngr.) 
169  óyyoʔ okmilóyyo'li  he's really bug-eyed (ygr.) 
170    kahli  he lays them down 
171    pihli  he sweeps 
172    bohli  he lays it down 
173    sahashaa  I'm angry 
174    abika  he's sick 
175      is he killing you? 
176    asabika  I'm sick 
177    asabiika  I'm sick 
178    imambiika  he got sick for her 
179    bila  it melts 
180    issabitok  you killed me 
181    chibili  I kill you 
182    achibikashlitok  I made you sick 
183    achibiikachilitok  I made you sick 
184    abikachilitok  I made him sick 
185    sataha  I'm worn out 
186    satahattook  I was all raggedy (long ago) 
187    sachaaha  I'm tall 
188    sachaahattook  I was tall (long ago) 
189    chakissa  sticky 
190    sachakissa  I'm sticky 
191    konta  he whistles 
192    kooli?  does he break it? 
193    kootaa?  does he break it? 
194    kohó̱taa?  is he still breaking it? 
195    aachi  he says it 
196    ahánchi  he says it and says it 
197    aachiha̱?  (wow!) he says it? 
198      he still says it 
199    lapaachi  he sticks it on 
200    lapalihínchi  he sticks it on and sticks it on 
201    lapaachiha̱  (wow!) he sticks it on 
202      he still sticks it on