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Entry Chinantec, Ozumacín English Spanish (minus frame) 
1  hǽiʔ² tó¹ hǽiʔ² He says grinding stone he says.  metate 
2  hǽiʔ² tí² hǽiʔ² He says he will throw he says.  el va a tirar 
3  hǽiʔ² tṍ³ hǽiʔ² He says thorn he says.  espina 
4  hǽiʔ² tò¹ hǽiʔ² He says seed of zapote he says.  pistle 
5  hǽiʔ² tò² hǽiʔ² He says banana he says.  plátano 
6  hǽiʔ² tʌ̀³ hǽiʔ² He says musician he says.  músico 
7  hǽiʔ² tò²¹ hǽiʔ² He says banana leaf he says.  hoja de platano 
8  hǽiʔ² tö̀³² hǽiʔ² He says clay griddle he says.  comal 
9  hǽiʔ² tè³¹ hǽiʔ² He says call him he says.  call him 
10  čè² tó¹ hǽiʔ² ‘Is it grinding stone?’ he says.  metate 
11  čè² tí² hǽiʔ² ‘Is it he will throw?’ he says.  el va a tirar 
12  čè² tṍ³ hǽiʔ² ‘Is it thorn?’ he says.  espina 
13  čè² tò¹ hǽiʔ² ‘Is it seed of the zapote?’ he says.  pistle 
14  čè² tò² hǽiʔ² ‘Is it banana?’ he says.  plátano 
15  čè² tʌ̀³ hǽiʔ² ‘Is it musician?’ he says.  músico 
16  čè² tò²¹ hǽiʔ² ‘Is it banana leaf?’ he says.  hoja de platano 
17  čè² tö̀³² hǽiʔ² ‘Is it clay griddle?’ he says.  comal 
18  čè² tè³¹ hǽiʔ² ‘Is it call him?’ he says.  llámalo