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Entry Bruu English 
1  kaiʔ  to pluck 
2  kaiʔ  to pluck 
3  mpai  flea 
4  ntsaiː  rope 
5  kʌh  to pry (up or open) 
6  kɔh  maintain 
7  koh  to prune 
8  kɑh  to cut (in two) 
9  patn  to shoot 
10  kraːkŋ  to (two people) carry 
11  tɕat  to weave tightly 
12  tɕapm  to stab to the hilt 
13  kiːt  fear of crowd 
14  ka̤iʔ  to cross 
15  mpa̤i  seed of a kind of tree 
16  ntsa̤iʔ  how many 
17  ka̤h  side 
18  krɔ̤h  to bark (?) 
19  kro̤ːh  to fall down hard 
20  pa̤tn  full (as of a glass) 
21  kra̤kŋ  lac (an insect) 
22  tɕa̤t  to stab 
23  tɕapm  to beat repeatedly 
24  ki̤ːt  to sharpen a knife 
25  tah  to throw away 
26  tɛh  to split open (as an acorn) 
27  teːʔ  to kick 
28  tuʔ  to dip in a sauce 
29  toʔ  a table 
30  tai  to crawl (insects) 
31  tiːa  short (height) 
32  toːtn  to jump down 
33  tuːtn  to accuse 
34  tɯːʔ  to stick head under the covers 
35  tuːakŋ  to measure (roughly) 
36  tuːaʔ  boat 
37  tiːh  to pass wind 
38  pɤːpm  to kick (threaten) 
39  ta̤h  to slap 
40  tɛ̤h  leech 
41  te̤ː  real(ly) 
42  tṳh  poor 
43  to̤h  to bud (a banana blossom) 
44  ta̤i  thai 
45  ti̤ːa  to smear paint 
46  to̤ːtn  to stretch a bowstring 
47  tṳːl  to jump into lightly 
48  tɯ̤p  to bury 
49  tuːakŋ  coconut 
50  tṳːa  widespread, in general 
51  ti̤ː  tall, high 
52  pɤ̤ːp  to fall flat on one's stomach