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Entry Orthography Defaka English 
1  “Defaka gbii.” (response) “Yaa.” “Hem.” (response) “Hiom.” Gbori baa ke, Defaka mini ni onuma ma, oni iya tommmu ya gbonle laa, ne mbe nya si oni oonke yaa, ne aleḅe mba ma ti si faa, Defaka wa mbira ka munọ wa mbira kare? Ne oni ḅe ọni mbira kare, ne oni soagbori kaata iya tommm aya iya isoo, ne Defaka sii isa inyi, Nta laa. O ma oguma. défaka gbii jaa hém hióḿ gbórí baaɰe, défaɰa mĩn ni ónúma ma, oní ija tómmm ja gbõdlé láa, ne ḿbé j̃á si õi óój̃é jáa, n ale ḿbá ma ti si faa, défaɰa wá ḿbra ka munɔ wá mbra karéé? no m ḅé ọní mbira karé, n on sagbórí káata íjá tóḿḿḿ ayá ijá isoo, n défaɰa si z ə ɲi ńta láa. ó ma gum.  Once upon a time the people of Defaka were set on ....... journey of exploration, and it came to a point when things were extremely difficult for them. Then their leader asked ‘Defaka, are we giving up or not?’ And they answere ‘We are not giving up.’ From thence they continued in unity and hence survived to keep the Defaka as solid as it is. This is the end of my story. Thank you.