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Entry Sound Illustrated Aceh English
1 p padjan when
2 p padjoh eat
3 p sampoh sweep
4 p leuhop mud
5 b batei stone
6 b bak trunk
7 b seubap because
8 t takot afraid
9 t tamong come in
10 t buta blind
11 t batat obstinate
12 d dada breast
13 d daja tempt
14 t aleuhat Sunday
15 k kama room
16 k peukan market
17 g gam boy
18 g bagan toilet
19 tjarong clever
20 batja read
21 djaro hand
22 djameun formerly
23 padjan when
24 h hana none
25 h baho shoulder
26 h bagah quickly
27 saboh one
28 basah wet
29 peudaih hot (chilli)
30 l lhok deep
31 l malam height
32 l pasai chapter
33 m ma mother
34 m leumak fate
35 m malam night
36 n nan name
37 n peunan what’s that
38 ŋ ngon friend
39 ŋ beungah morning
40 ŋ bungong flower
41 w wo go home
42 w tjawo stir
43 w towow forget
44 r rap near
45 r mirah red
46 r pasai market
47 j jok yoke
48 j pijoh come in
49 ʔ djakwo [dʒaʔkwɔ] go home
50 nj njan that
51 i i water
52 e eg sleep
53 a aneuk son, daughter
54 u u coconut fruit
55 o bōh put, apply
56 ɔ boh fruit
57 ɛ asei dog
58 ə tahe absent minded
59 peut tour
60 meu ĩ.ĩ the sound of warm
61 pa.ẽ a king of reptile
62 bangã bad smell
63 seungũ lonely
64 ɔ̃ pungõ crazy
65 seungẽũ to eat fish only